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Solium Infernum guide

One of the best new strategy games we’ve seen, Solium Infernum, a mix of Diablo, Doom, and Civilization, is finally here.

One of the playable characters in Solium Infernum

Where can you find a Solium Infernum guide? This is one of the coolest strategy games we’ve seen in a long time. Part Civilization 6, part Diablo 4, and part Doom Eternal, it casts you as one of eight archfiends, vying for control of Hell after Lucifer himself has mysteriously disappeared.

An ambitious remake of the underground, indie hit of the same name, Solium Infernum subverts the genre by giving you fewer choices, but with more significant and severe consequences. If you’re tired of waiting for the Civilization 7 release date, Solium is waiting for you. With asynchronous multiplayer, a heavy focus on double-dealing and paranoia, and a superb art style, Solium Infernum is a playground for your devious tactics.

Solium Infernum release date

The Solium Infernum release date was February 21, 2024, at 12pm PT, 3pm ET, 8pm GMT. Though it was originally scheduled for a Valentine’s Day launch, an official statement explained the team were putting “as much extra polish and love into the game as possible.”

The statement, released on February 8, 2024, claimed that the team “are in the privileged position of being able to slightly delay [the] launch,” but are “extremely proud of how it’s coming together.”

We exclusively revealed the latest playable archfiend, Beezlebub. When it comes to demonic behavior, we’re pretty sure Beelzebub is up there with the best.

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Solium Infernum gameplay

Described by creator League of Geeks as a “friendship destruction simulator,” Solium Infernum takes all the staples of the strategy game genre and revitalizes them with a unique system for bureaucracy, backstabbing, and political manipulation. You can read much more about Solium Infernum in our interview with its developers, but the overarching idea is that military might and sheer resources are only part of what makes a successful ruler of Hell.

Make deals behind your opponents’ backs. Forge and betray partnerships. Insult, lie, and manipulate everyone around you to get an advantage. Combat, building, and all the hardcore 4X systems are fantastic here, but the best part of Solium Infernum is the psychology – you can turn the tide of an entire game without starting a single battle.

Solium Infernum multiplayer

Solium Infernum has one to six player multiplayer, you can log in, input your turn, and then log out while your opponents make their turns, too. Remember, it’s all about psychology and manipulation – like a long-running game of postal chess, Solium Infernum is about trying to predict what your rivals might be plotting, and the hours and days in between turns where you dream up schemes of your own.

Solium Infernum guide

We’ve put together a host of guides full of tips and tricks so you can reign terror in the underworld.

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