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Beautiful fantasy strategy game gets big update and a huge Steam sale

Inspired by Heroes of Might and Magic, turn-based strategy game Songs of Conquest gets a big update and deep discount in a Steam sale.

Songs of Conquest update Map Madness arrives alongside massive Steam sale discount - A red-headed warrior grits her teeth.

Heavily inspired by the iconic PC turn-based strategy game series Heroes of Might and Magic, along with a little of that 4X juice from the likes of Civilization 6 and Endless Legend, Songs of Conquest is a promising early access game that harkens back to those glory days with a stunning pixel art style. First launched in May 2022, it currently holds a ‘very positive’ 87% Steam rating, with recent reviews trending a little higher still, and now developer Lavapotion and publisher Coffee Stain (of Satisfactory and Valheim fame) reveal a hefty new update along with a massive Steam sale discount.

The Songs of Conquest Map Madness update just arrived in the beautiful turn-based strategy game, and as the name suggests it introduces a whole host of new maps for however you like to play. The team at Lavapotion also gives a brief update on its 1.0 launch plans, and delivers us a great opportunity to pick the game up at a hefty discount as part of the Coffee Stain Publishing Steam sale.

If you’ve yet to check out Songs of Conquest, the inspiration drawn from the beloved Heroes of Might and Magic series is immediately apparent. If that’s also outside of your wheelhouse, it can be boiled down to a blend of kingdom management in the vein of 4X games where you’ll gather resources, build out facilities, and expand across the land, alongside tactical turn-based combat that zooms in on a small hex-grid representation of the current environment to put you in charge of your units’ movements and skills.

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“We’re absolutely certain that you’re going to love what we have in store for you with this update,” Lovepotion writes, calling it “the final major [update] before our much-anticipated launch.” On that note, while the team’s original plan for a 1.0 launch out of early access in the first quarter of 2024 “hasn’t quite panned out,” it has “some incredibly positive news coming your way in just a couple of weeks; we’re nearing the finish when it comes to content.” It notes that the “last hurdle” is clearing up the last few notable bugs ahead of release.

As for the Map Madness update itself, it introduces “nine new maps of all shapes and sizes, catering to every taste – whether you’re craving some cooperative action or itching for a challenge.” These come from both the in-house team at Lovepotion as well as some leading creators in the game’s community, and offer all manner of different types for you to dig into.

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Songs of Conquest - A gorgeous town rendered in a pixel art style in this HoMM-inspired turn-based strategy game.

As mentioned, the full list of maps spans to nine in total, and they all sound like a great time. “With a collection closing in on 50 maps – and that’s not even counting campaign maps or community creations – we can confidently say we’ve got quite the roster,” Lovepotion writes. As noted, if all this has you curious to try Songs of Conquest out for yourself, a colossal Steam sale discount means now is a fantastic time to do so.

Songs of Conquest is on sale for 66% off on Steam until Thursday, April 11. That means you can expect to pay just $10.19/£8.49 right now, down from its usual price of $29.99/£24.99. With the 1.0 launch imminent, it’s a great opportunity to jump in at a fantastic saving.

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