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Can Kelvin die in Sons of the Forest?

For those fearfully wondering if Kelvin can die in Sons of the Forest, we have some answers for how to keep your fragile friend alive, and revive him if needed.

Sons of the Forest can Kelvin die - the player is checking over Kelvin to see if he is okay. Both of his ears are bleeding.

Can Kelvin die in Sons of the Forest? That’s the question you probably ask yourself if you decide to help him and dust the debris from your concussed companion. His ear is dribbling with blood, and his spaced look indicates that he’s disorientated. However, all is not lost as you can get him to follow instructions, so long as you write them on a little piece of paper.

There are advantages to keeping Kelvin alive in the survival game, and morally speaking, it’s probably the best decision to do so. Kelvin is not the only companion who can accompany you in Sons of the Forest, either; you can also recruit Virginia to help you survive the cannibal-infested island, though you’ll need a more delicate approach. Regardless, to those asking if Kelvin can die in Sons of the Forest, here is everything we know about our injured colleague.

Sons of the Forest can Kelvin die - Kelvin is writhing in the snow beneath the player. He is in obvious pain.

How to get Kelvin

Yes, Kelvin can die in Sons of the Forest, and relatively easily, too. As you awaken from the helicopter crash, you can find him writhing on the ground in pain. Should you decide to leave him there, you seal his fate. Whether you choose to leave him or he dies later on – either in a Sons of the Forest mutant attack or by your own hands – he won’t come back.

How to revive and heal Kelvin

If Kelvin has suffered a few blows, he will curl into a ball in self-defense. In this state, it’s possible to heal him by approaching his person and holding ‘E’ as the sandbox game prompts.

If Kelvin is dead, the only way you can get him back is to tweak your save file:

  • Locate your Sons of the Forest save files in ‘C:\Users\{Your Username}\AppData\LocalLow\Endnight\SonsOfTheForest\Saves’.
  • Open ‘GameStateSaveData’ in Notepad, search for ‘”IsRobbyDead\”:true’ and change it to ‘”IsRobbyDead\”:false’, then save and exit the file.
  • Open ‘SaveData’ in Notepad and search for ‘”TypeId\”:9’.
  • Find  ‘\”State\”:6’, which is several lines after it, and change it to ‘\”State\”:2’.
  • Find ‘”Health\”:0.0’ several lines after that, and change it to ‘”Health\”:100.0’
  • Save and exit  ‘SaveData’, then restart Sons of the Forest.

This should restore Kelvin to a living and breathing state. We highly recommend making backups of both ‘GameStateSaveData’ and ‘SaveFile’ before you do this, just in case something goes wrong. Of course, you can always err on the side of caution and load up a previous save, though that also comes at the cost of your progression in the horror game.

If you do keep Kelvin as a companion, he can be a valuable pair of hands for gathering materials for Sons of the Forest building, acquiring edible food, or even just holding onto your gear. However, due to his injuries, Kelvin is unable to fight, so keeping him alive might be trickier than you think.

Now that we know Kelvin can die in Sons of the Forest, it’s up to you to gather valuable resources to keep the pair of you alive. You’ll need to know how to get water in Sons of the Forest to stay hydrated, as well as details about the Sons of the Forest map to acquire weapons you can use to defend you both. Finally, if you’re looking for more great experiences, we have a list of the best PC games to help you choose from the cream of the crop.