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Sons of the Forest patch 3 adds its most ridiculously fun tools yet

Sons of the Forest patch 3 is out now and introduces a very silly and fun vehicle along with night vision goggles and a spring trap to the horror survival game.

The new additions in Sons of the Forest patch 3 might be the game’s best yet. While there’s certainly plenty of silly fun to be found in the horror survival game, the introductions in this new Sons of the Forest update include some quite frankly delightful tools. There’s a fantastic vehicle to help you zoom around the Sons of the Forest map in style, a pair of night vision goggles, and a trap that turns even the scariest enemies into ridiculous ragdolls.

Front and centre in the third major Sons of the Forest patch notes is the new rideable vehicle, the Knight V (that’s “Knight five,” in case you were wondering). This E.U.C., or electric unicycle, is a single-wheeled, Segway-like device that you can stand on and just zoom around the forest as though you’re an overpaid Bay Area executive with too much time on their hands. It’s an absolute joy, so make sure to whip out your Sons of the Forest GPS locator and get to finding it.

Also introduced are night vision goggles, which should make exploring after dark or deep inside caves a little more manageable. There’s also good news for those who like it when things are a bit brighter – new Sons of the Forest solar panels have been added to the construction tools, along with light bulbs and wires. You can also now build ramps or stairs between a beam and a wall, smoothing out your Sons of the Forest base building.

A new buildable spring trap is the perfect way to make light work of those Sons of the Forest mutants and cannibals. Once placed, the spring trap sends any enemy unfortunate enough to step on it flying arse over elbow. Personally, the sight of a soaring ragdoll flipping over my head is one of those videogame moments that will simply never fail to make me laugh, so I’m all here for it.

There’s also a working Sons of the Forest armour rack that replaces the mannequin, and a whole host of additional minor improvements and bug fixes that you can read in the full patch notes below. Just don’t read them in public, or else the likes of bullet points such as “Can now pick up and throw puffy dead bodies” or “Dead babies now have buoyancy in water” might raise a few eyebrows from anyone looking over your shoulder.

Sons of the Forest patch 3 - a player holding the new Knight V electric unicycle

Sons of the Forest patch notes – update 3

Here are the full Sons of the Forest patch notes for the third major update:

New features

  • Rideable E.U.C. ‘Knight V’
  • Night vision goggles
  • Solar panels, light bulbs and wires added to construction system
  • Ramps/Stairs can now be built between a beam and a wall
  • Buildable spring trap
  • Working armor rack (replaces mannequin)
  • Added button / option to delete saves (also limited amount of save slots to 30 to fix issues with steam cloud sync)


  • Dead babies now have buoyancy in water
  • Mr. and Mrs. Puffton clothes now burn up when they are burned
  • Added security camera model to bunker luxury entrance
  • Cannibal lookout towers and large huts are now breakable
  • Adjusted navigation areas by lakes to fix issue with stuck animals/characters around edges
  • Can now pick up and throw puffy dead bodies
  • Dismembering dead characters with melee is now easier
  • Adjusted creepy spawning logic in caves, should no longer visibly spawn and should not lead to over the top amounts of enemies in caves over time
  • Improved some enemy base attack logic
  • Enemy damage game setting is now properly replicated to clients in multiplayer
  • Kelvin “return to shelter” command will also return to hunting shelters and beds
  • Kelvin can now pick up all types of arrows, visibly carry them, and drop the proper type of arrow
  • Fly Swatter and Bone Maker traps will no longer trigger on small animals
  • Improved morgue lighting in bunker residential and added some dead cultists there
  • Added flower wreaths to some dead cultists
  • Added world position fixer to block player going outside the bounds of the world on X and Z
  • Added quarter resolution mipmap limit option and set book pages to use it, to prevent them becoming unreadable at low texture settings
  • Set rock, stick and small rock to disable colliders when not dynamic
  • Fixed player clothing blend shapes not always properly applying visually to other players in multiplayer
  • Tarp and turtle shell will now show their item count in inventory
  • Renamed mannequin to armor rack
  • Changed amount of duct tape required to build armor rack to 1
  • Added shimmy area after boss fight in hell cave
  • Made it possible to leave hell cave if reentering it after completing game
  • Rope climb trigger for caves is now accessible from a wider angle
  • Creepies will now be hidden if they manage to wander into any cutscenes
  • Virginia will now stash guns when carrying a gift and drop gift when entering combat

Sons of the Forest patch 3 - an enemy is flung high into the air by a spring trap, spinning upside-down as they soar over the treetops

Balance changes

  • Cannibal ability to dodge heavy attacks increased
  • Increased John2 damage to structures
  • Enemies now flee further when scared

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with nomad cannibal families spawning more than maximum allowed amount
  • Fixed more cases of enemies and large animals able to spawn in player bases
  • Fixed missing translation on find the Puffton tutorial messages
  • Fixed slight delay when hovering over the exit confirm button
  • Fixed some more cases of being able to glitch out of the world using a stick
  • Fixed animation pop in puffy male walk aggressive loop
  • Fixed some areas players could get stuck in hell cave
  • Dropped backpack should now properly spawn if the player saves and reloads before picking it up
  • Grab bag should no longer get the player stuck in a bad state if it is opened and closed quickly
  • Player should no longer get into a broken state if they begin swimming while performing the refill flask action
  • Added a safety measure that if the player somehow gets into a state where they are missing a vital item such as their lighter, tracker, combat knife, guide book or grab bag, they will be readded when a save game is loaded
  • When the player’s dropped backpack is picked up, it double checks to ensure that the player now has the backpack item
  • Player should no longer be able to lose their backpack from using their Quick select in some rare use cases
  • Fish on drying racks will no longer despawn when their max pickup count is reached
  • Items on the camp fire will no longer auto despawn
  • Fixed heavy actor sometimes popping to standing when hit again during hit head reaction
  • Fixed Kelvin not stopping trying to fill holder that player put final item in
  • Fixed player getting into stuck state if machete ground attack was interrupted
  • Fixed stun baton FX sometimes stuck on when interrupted
  • Fixed issue with there sometimes being more fish than maximum allowed amount
  • Improved logic to better prevent cases of seeing enemies pop in
  • Fixed falling trees not hitting cannibals
  • Fixed clients sometimes seeing extra GPS locators for Virginia
  • Fixed multiplayer client’s taking gun with multiple mods from Virginia losing a mod
  • Fixed visual issues decapitating heavy faceless cannibal and female puffy


  • Applied logarithmic scale to volume sliders
  • Add an audio event for animations where cannibals hits club against ground

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