Every Sons of the Forest armor type

Sons of the Forest armor offers welcome protection against an onslaught of mutants, so here’s how to acquire the best defence in Endnight’s survival sandbox.

Sons of the Forest armor: One of the cannibals in Endnight's surival horror game, wearing the gold mask that's part of the Golden Armor set.

What are the Sons of the Forest armor types? Armor is crucial to your survival in the wilderness, and even the most meager protection can mean the difference between life and death during your first few days. If you’re looking to reach the end of Endnight’s cannibal nightmare, you need something robust enough to see you through.

While our Sons of the Forest tips and tricks go some way to aiding in your survival, armor is a necessity. The various Sons of the Forest weapons can only get you so far, and it only takes a strike or two from some of the more powerful Sons of the Forest mutants to send you to an untimely end. So, whether you’re looking for the high durability of Golden Armor or the ability to craft Tech Armor on the go, here’s all the Sons of the Forest armor you can find in Endnight’s survival game.

Here are the six types of Sons of the Forest armor:

  • Golden Armor
  • Tech Armor
  • Creepy Armor
  • Hide Armor
  • Bone Armor
  • Leaf Armor

Sons of the Forest armor: The Golden Armor sitting on the couch in an underground facility.

Golden Armor

Golden Armor offers a meager amount of protection in Sons of the Forest, but its greatest benefit is that it never degrades in durability. It’s also essential to unlock the Sons of the Forest ending, so you’ll have to track it down sooner or later. It can be located inside a cave to the southeast of the Sons of the Forest map, not far from the eastern shore of the large lake. While you don’t need to worry about crafting materials, you do need the Maintenance Key to access its location, which you can find on the desk alongside the 3D printer.

Enter the cave and use the Sons of the Forest keycard to unlock the entrance to the facility. As you might expect, there are plenty of mutants waiting to meet you down here, so either take them on or run past them as you descend the stairs to Level 2. Once you’re there, head through to the next room and continue down the flooded corridor to the right to enter a break room. The Golden Armor set is resting on the couch on the far side of the room.

Sons of the Forest armor: The individual crafting materials that make up the Tech Armor set on the inventory mat prior to being combined.

Tech Armor

If you’re in desperate need of some damage reduction, Sons of the Forest Tech Armor is your best bet. You can only obtain Tech Armor via the crafting system, which is undeniably useful if you need to suit up on the go. That said, it’s remarkably expensive, and sourcing all the materials to replace equipment parts can be a real challenge.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft Sons of the Forest Tech Armor:

  • Tech Mesh x1
  • Circuit Board x1
  • Duct Tape x1
  • Wire x1
  • Batteries x1

You need 250 resin to acquire Tech Mesh via the 3D printer, while the other materials can be found while exploring the sandbox game. Unfortunately, there’s only a limited supply of printer resin to go around, so be sure to prioritize crafting the Sons of the Forest sled. Once you have all the materials you need, go ahead and craft the Tech Armor from your inventory as usual.

Creepy Armor

Creepy Armor forces you to get your hands dirty, but it offers excellent protection and is far easier to acquire than Tech Armor. It also lives up to its name, since you can only obtain this armor by skinning certain ‘creepy’ mutants, like the Fingers. Once you’ve defeated a creepy enemy, use your combat knife to skin and wear it like a coat. Now who’s the creepy one?

Unsurprisingly, Creepy Armor is best sourced in caves, and its generous drop rate means you can rely upon it while exploring the most perilous areas in the open-world game – just be sure to bring your trusty Sons of the Forest flashlight with you.

Hide Armor

If you’re partial to hunting wildlife, Hide Armor is a great choice to tide you over before you can unlock those higher-tier armor types in the late-game. Its main benefit is the stealth bonus that can help you avoid encounters with wayward cannibals and mutants, but it does offer decent protection as well.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft Sons of the Forest Hide Armor:

  • Hide x1
  • Cloth x1

Naturally, you’ll also need to invest in a spear or long-range weapon to acquire the necessary hide.

Bone Armor

Bone Armor is another excellent choice in the mid-to-late game, providing robust protection with easily sourced crafting resources.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft Sons of the Forest Bone Armor:

  • Bones x4
  • Rope x1
  • Duct Tape x1

You can often source crafted Bone Armor from cannibals, which you may find preferable to using all the rope you’ve found so far since rope is required for crafting a zipline for the rope gun later on. Of course, this is provided you can make it out of a combat encounter unscathed; you might find the risk isn’t worth the reward.

Leaf Armor

The eponymous forest has no shortage of leaves, so it’s no great surprise that Leaf Armor is likely to be the first craftable armor available to you. As you might expect, leaves don’t offer much in the way of protection, but it’s certainly better than nothing when just starting in the crafting game.

Here’s what you’ll need to craft Sons of the Forest Leaf Armor:

  • Leaves x10
  • Cloth x1

You can quickly collect leaves by hacking away at the undergrowth with your axe, while cloth is a common drop from chests and enemies. That said, there’s no real incentive to hunt down cloth specifically to make Leaf Armor, since there are plenty of alternative uses for it – including Hide Armor.

That’s all we’ve got for the Sons of the Forest armor for the time being. We’re still making our way through Endnight’s cannibal-infested horror game, but check out our Sons of the the Forest review-in-progress for more of our thoughts so far. If you’re yet to find all of the essential tools to survive and thrive in the survival game, we have guides on how to get the Sons of the Forest rebreather and shovel, both of which you’ll need to dig up the Sons of the Forest grave and obtain the shotgun.