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Sons of the Forest keycard locations

The Sons of the Forest keycards are crucial to completing the story, and while their locations aren’t too hard to find, getting your hands on them isn’t easy.

Sons of the Forest keycard locations: A corpse lies on the floor inside a bunker, with arrows in his body

Where are the Sons of the Forest keycards? The keycards in Sons of the Forest have an important function; each opens a door in the twisting, interlocking cave systems beneath your feet. You might be surprised to discover that the hidden keycard locations are more obvious to you than you’d imagine, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to run up against some mutant-shaped trouble on your way.

While the natural terrain surrounding you in Endnight’s horror game might fool you, hidden away in the dark and terrifying caves are various man-made and industrial bunkers, filled with corpses, bones, resources, and all manner of Sons of the Forest mutants. While you can stay alive and have a perfectly nice time just foraging for berries and vibing in the survival game, you need to find other items – including the all-important keycards – to complete your story. Here’s where to find, and, more importantly, how to get, all three Sons of the Forest keycards.

Sons of the Forest key card locations: the in-game GPS tracker map shows three keycard locations

Sons of the Forest keycard locations

The three keycards are marked on the Sons of the Forest map as soon as you pick up your GPS tracker, indicated by three green POI markers. While the purple map markers take you to each of the members of Team B you need to locate and their corresponding GPS locators, the green, circular markers lead you to other important story items. The cluster of three green icons in the north-west of the map are your keycards. Don’t just head straight there though, as they won’t simply be waiting for you on the ground.

Sons of the Forest maintenance keycard

The first card you’ll be able to collect is the maintenance card, which is the most inland of the three green markers above. There’s a dig site at this location which reveals a hatch leading underground, so be sure to find the Sons of the Forest shovel before seeking out the keycard locations.

Once you’ve used the shovel to gain access to the hatch, descend into the bunker below, following the path until you find a door on your right. Inside, you’ll find the maintenance keycard on a desk. This keycard not only allows you to reach the others, but is also crucial to collecting Sons of the Forest armor, the katana, and some clothes for Virginia.

Sons of the Forest keycard locations: A door is locked, and an electronic keycard lock is at the side of it

Sons of the Forest VIP keycard

The VIP keycard is then located in the Food and Dining bunker, which is itself located within a cave at the second green marker indicated above. Head through the entrance of the cave, take out your torch or lighter and follow the path until you reach a closed hatch. Open the hatch and climb down into the bunker. You can stock up on plenty of snacks while you’re here, but more importantly, there’s also a locked door that can only be opened with the maintenance keycard you should already have.

From here, it’s a short trek until you reach the Security room in which the VIP keycard is located. Walk through the lab, and take the stairs on your left at the end of the corridor. Turn left again, before swimming through some water into another dark passageway. Take the door on your left which will lead you through another short walkway to the security room, where the VIP keycard is on the desk.

Sons of the Forest Guest keycard

The third and final Sons of the Forest keycard is the guest keycard, and the southernmost keycard on the map. From the VIP keycard location, head southwest, crossing two rivers. Once you reach the green map marker, there is another small cave entrance – incidentally, this cave is also where you’ll find the 3D printer. Head inside and follow the passageway until you reach a door. You don’t need to enter this room, but for future reference, this is where the 3D printer is located.

To find the final Sons of the Forest keycard, keep following the corridor until you reach a door that requires a keycard. This is the VIP keycard you should now have, so head through the room and up the winding staircase to the bar area. The guest keycard is on a table on the right-hand side of the bar.

Now you know how to find the three keycards in Sons of the Forest, you’ll be well on your way to completing potentially one of the best PC games in recent memory. When you’ve done that, there’s no need to stop, as you can give it another try with friends in Sons of the Forest multiplayer, or check out if there are any Sons of the Forest cheats to give you a new gameplay experience when you start from scratch.