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Sons of the Forest map, GPS tracker, and item locations

The Sons of the Forest map is four times the size of its predecessor, so here are the item locations that can easily be overlooked in Endnight's survival game.

Sons of the Forest map: The end of The Forest, showing the Site 2 map where the sequel is located

What are the key Sons of the Forest map locations? Sons of the Forest includes a lot of the same features as the first game, including caves, woodland, and water. However, developer Endnight Games has implemented a map that is four times the size of the first game, and that’s without taking into account the underground cave system.

You can spawn in several random locations on the Sons of the Forest map, and from there, the open-world game is your oyster. Traversing the overground will take you through troubling terrain, so you’ll need to stock up on food and make sure you know how to get water in Sons of the Forest to keep your stamina up. Your GPS tracker is never far away, but if you’re in dire need of some cartographic help, here’s everything you need to know about the Sons of the Forest map.

Sons of the Forest map: The map texture from the GPS tracker in Endnight's sandbox game with all cave locations selected.

Sons of the Forest cave locations

Sons of the Forest caves are one of the most crucial places to search for important items, and many of the more powerful weapons and tools are protected by fearsome Sons of the Forest mutants within them. No doubt you’ll be returning to these caves a few times during your survival experience, so you might even want to consider placing your base location in one of the most cave-centric areas on the map.

sons of the Forest map: various item locations are marked on the map with different icons for tools, gps locators, and pois.

Sons of the Forest item locations

There are a vast number of items that you can stumble upon in Endnight’s sandbox game, including Sons of the Forest weapons and armor that can help you stay alive while fending off hordes of cannibals. However, tools are by far the most important when it comes to progression since they’ll provide you with the means to reach item locations required to access the Sons of the Forest ending.

While caves are an excellent source of supplies in general, as well as important tools, some can be discovered just lying around camps and coasts, so make sure you explore the Sons of the Forest map fully. That said, we’ve highlighted all our individual guides for specific Sons of the Forest item locations, with markers for each on the map above.

Here are our guides to the Sons of the Forest item locations:

Tools (white pins)

Key items

Weapons (white pins)

Sons of the Forest map: Handheld GPs tracker shows quests and cave entrances

Sons of the Forest GPS tracker

Rather helpfully, you start the survival game with a GPS tracker, having had it on you before your helicopter crash landed. Your GPS tracker shows you all points of interest in the immediate vicinity, including Sons of the Forest GPS locators for both Kelvin and Virginia. To zoom into and out of the GPS map, click the middle button on your mouse.

Sons of the Forest map biomes and terrain

Just like in The Forest, the Sons of the Forest map features different and dangerous terrains to explore, so it’s worth knowing what you’ll come up against as you explore. While there are changing seasons in Sons of the Forest, there are areas of the map that feature snowy terrain as standard, and you’ll also need to bear the changing weather in mind. The middle of the map is the coldest area, dominated by snow-topped mountains. The outskirts are where you will be warmer in every season, so you might prefer to build your base around the edge of the Sons of the Forest map – check out our Sons of the Forest building guide for some useful pointers.

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Sons of the Forest map location

Sons of the Forest takes place in “Site 2”, the location shown at the end of The Forest. Following their statement about the map being four to five times bigger than the first game, Endnight Games told YouTuber Farket that Sons of the Forest “is set on site 2. However, since we drew that map before starting development on this game, the map and that drawing won’t match exactly.”

As we get more time in the Sons of the Forest map, we’ll add to this guide, with cave entrances, keycard locations, and more. While you wait, make sure you take a look at the Sons of the Forest system requirements, to make sure your rig can cope with the bigger, more detailed world. If you need something else to play in the meantime, check out our list of the best PC games for some ideas.