Star Citizen’s free fly event starts tomorrow, and you’ll be able to fly every ship

Each manufacturer will have a day during the event to show off their wares

While it’s technically possible to spend an awful lot of money playing Star Citizen, we occasionally get the chance to play for free. Tomorrow, Cloud Imperium will kick off another Free Fly event, meaning you can download the Star Citizen client and start exploring without buying a ship or a starter pack.

In fact, you’ll be able to test drive all 100+ spaceships available in the game over the course of the event, called the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which runs Nov. 24-Dec. 5. Each day, one of Star Citizen’s ship manufacturers will be showcasing its line of spacecraft, and you’ll be able to hop in and pilot all of them.

During the event, you’ll also be able to try out Star Citizen’s new Welcome Hub. Using the Welcome Hub, new players can find volunteer guides from the player community who will help teach them the ropes of the game, and you can select from elements like vehicle combat, mining, trading, or even the very basics of getting around to be matched with an appropriate tutor.

The Welcome Hub also includes some solo tutorials to help you get acquainted with everything going on in the growing space sim.

The Free Fly event kicks off Sunday with Anvil Aerospace’s fleet, which includes the Valkyrie, Terrapin, and the versatile Hornet platform. Nov. 25, you’ll be able to check out Roberts Space Industries’ offerings, including the popular Aurora and the multicrew Constellation series. November 26 will see Kruger Intergalactic, Consolidated Outlands, and Tumbril ships featured. After that, on Nov. 27, you’ll be able to fly ships from Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern (MISC) and Argo, the companies behind the Freelancer, Prospector, and Razor designs.

Cloud Imperium Games is also holding its annual CitizenCon event this weekend, and you can tune in via livestream on Twitch.

To get flying in Star Citizen, head over to the official site to download the client.