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Star Citizen is a free game during its 2952 Aerospace Expo

Star Citizen becomes a free game for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2952, letting you try out one of its 120 ships, including the new Drake Corsair

Star Citizen free game: Three armed explorers venture out along a rocky hillside with their heavily-armed ship, a Drake Corsair, resting on a cliff in the background

It’s time once again for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which means Star Citizen is temporarily free to play. From November 18-30, all of Star Citizen’s more than 120 ships are free game for players to scope out and take on test flights, including the new Drake Corsair.

The Corsair is a versatile exploration vessel that can hold its own in a fight. It includes living quarters, extra-large fuel cells, and living quarters for up to four crew members. It’s been offered for sale in the past and has run $215 (around £181), but some players predict a price increase after this year’s IAE.

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Pricey ship pledges have been a major part of Star Citizen’s massive crowdfunding haul, which over the past decade has now totaled more than $500 million. And while there are some big, expensive ships you can buy in Star Citizen, developer Cloud Imperium Games has said that size isn’t everything – you can certainly start flying without spending a couple hundred.

However, if you do have your heart set on one of Star Citizen’s fancier vessels, the IAE is the perfect time to log in and look around – all the in-universe manufacturers will be on hand to show off their latest spacecraft, and they’ll even let you take them for a spin.

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