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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order lets you pilot a bearded AT-AT

Turn the Empire's hardware against them in an on-rails shooting sequence

During an extended gameplay demo at EA Play we see Fallen Order protagonist Cal Kestis clamber his way up an AT-AT that’s dripping in green, mossy strands. The sequence is part Uncharted, part Shadow of the Colossus, and begins with Cal and his droid companion BD-1 swimming through a swampy marsh in pursuit of a fleet of lumbering AT-ATs.

Once the gap is closed, a conveniently draped pathway of greenery allows Cal to get a hold on one of the legs and make his way up and around. The moss hanging off the cockpit section looks like a beard and gives the AT-AT a worldly, handsome look. Once in Cal fights his way through to the pilots’ section, and bashes their heads together – Empire helmets, it would seem, are not made to exacting standards.

With its former commanders unconscious, Cal is free to turn the massive machine against its makers and, with the camera a little way back from the drivers’ seats and pointed out of the windscreen, he and BD-1 plod their way through an on-rails killing spree. It all looks rather pretty, and is reminiscent of Disneyland’s Star Tours ride, complete with a little bot doing stuff over to the right.

Cal’s luck continues to hold as his AT-AT, best with 70% hull damage, manages to survive all the returned fire and leave the Empire’s forces in tatters. It’s a satisfying, if unlikely, result that just about as Star Wars as it comes.

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In other Fallen Order news, you won’t be able to choose between the Light and Dark sides of the Force, you get a customisable ship that’ll traverse the galaxy in real time with no load screens, and the development team was inspired by Metroid Prime and Dark Souls.

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The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order release date is November 15, 2019.