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Star Wars Jedi Outcast VR is out now, with motion-control lightsabers

As the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date draws near, Jedi Outcast gets Quest 2 support, making one of the best Star Wars games fully VR compatible.

Star Wars Jedi Outcast VR is out now, has motion-control lightsabers: A Jedi holding a blue lightsaber in Star Wars game Jedi Outcast

This is one of those mods that frankly transcends the meaning of the word. Naturally we’re excited for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date, but with Star Wars Jedi Outcast getting full VR and Quest 2 support, alongside motion-controlled lightsabers and Force powers, we’re also – all of a sudden – frantic to return to this stone-cold PC classic, and one of the best Star Wars games of all time. It looks amazing, and it’s out now. Yes, you can play Star Wars Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast in VR right this second.

It’s all thanks to dedicated VR modding studio Team Beef, which has previously created virtual-reality ports for Duke Nukem 3D and Doom 3. Now, Team Beef has done it again, adding massive VR integration and functionality to Star Wars Jedi Outcast.

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Playing in first-person with full head movement, your lightsaber now comes with motion controls, meaning you can block, swing, and throw it across the room just by moving your hand.

The same goes for Force powers – grabs and throws are motion controlled, so you can close your fist to lift a Stormtrooper off the ground, then flick your wrist to send them flying. There’s a whole-new weapons menu and UI, and even weapon scopes are proximity-based – you lean your head towards them, and the game will snap you into aim mode.

Naturally, you need a full, legitimate copy of Jedi Outcast to play, which you can pick up on Steam for $9.99 USD (£7.19 GBP). After that, head to the Team Beef Sidequest page to get the mod as well as full installation instructions.

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