All Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses we know of so far

It’s nearly time for Cal and BD1 to come out of hiding and face the Empire again, so here are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses we know of so far.

Star Wars Jedi survivor: a ginger-haired man holds a laser sword

If you’re looking for a rundown of all the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses, we’ve got your back. While we won’t have a complete list of every tough foe you’ll face in Survivor until its release in April, we do have a good idea of some of the bosses you’ll come up against. These will no doubt be the most difficult encounters you’ll face as Cal, so get prepared now.

The previous game provided some unique and challenging boss fights, which is one of the reasons it was among the best PC games of 2019. From what we’ve seen in teasers, trailers, and gameplay reveals, the sequel looks to double down on these encounters. For now, we’ll have to piece together the tidbits from these trailers to know the threats we’ll face, at least until the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date rolls around. These are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses that we know of so far, including some speculations.

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Every Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss fight

Your adventuring in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will occasionally be punctuated by a boss fight; these can range from gargantuan monsters to intricate duels with exceptionally skilled fighters. Here’s every boss fight we know of so far, and some speculation on what might be to come:

The mysterious man in the Bacta Tank

The first potential Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss we have to talk about is the mysterious grey-skinned man in the Bacta Tank. Some have taken to calling him Bacta Guy or Tank Guy.

We see in the official trailer that Cal Kestis notices the man placed in a tank, possibly to heal his wounds or keep him in suspended animation for a prolonged period. A character voiceover also narrates how he ‘will not be imprisoned again’ and that he was ‘betrayed by the one [he] trusted most.’

At a glance, the mysterious man seems to be a new character. Later in the trailer, he’s shown wearing a pristine robe with gold frills. One might think that he’s from the High Republic era, which is an ongoing project detailing a period when the Galactic Republic was at the height of its power, hundreds of years prior to the emergence of the Empire. The golden robes worn by the character might suggest that he’s also a Jedi, though we do wonder what would lead to him being betrayed and trapped. Then again, he probably just likes the design, and we can’t fault him for that.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses: a man stands with his back to camera, light sword in hand

Rayvis the Gen’dai and the Bedlam Raiders

The Gen’dai are a race of humanoid creatures that are nigh-on indestructible. Their bodies are made up of thick tentacles, able to regenerate even after fatal wounds have been inflicted. One particular character, Durge, gained notoriety in the Clone Wars series due to this factor.

Fast forward to the present, and it looks like we’ll see another Gen’dai as a Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss. According to an IGN interview, the character’s name is Rayvis. As alluded to by the developers, Rayvis perceives that he’s the ‘hero of his own story’ and that he lives by a code of conduct, one that ‘binds [the Gen’dai] to their history and what’s left of their people.’

Given the above, and how Rayvis appears to be a bounty hunter, we can surmise that you’ll encounter him several times throughout the campaign. Our guess is that Rayvis’ honor code will, eventually, cause him to bond with Cal during their rivalry.

In the trailer, Rayvis is seen flanked by another bounty hunter, who almost smashes Cal with a lightning-infused polearm. The IGN interview identifies this particular group as the Bedlam Raiders. As such, Rayvis’ cohorts could be boss encounters in their own right or just elites that are tougher to take down.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses: a huge, furry beast roars at something off-screen.

Possible Legendary Beasts

The Wampa

The trailer shows Cal getting rag-dolled by a brown-furred Wampa, a variant of the species first seen in The Empire Strikes Back. The creature is immense, hurling and slamming Cal with ease. The Wampa could be a miniboss or a Legendary Beast.

Triceratops creature

Another hulking behemoth seen in the trailer looks akin to a triceratops, with its crowned head and thick hide. Again, this might be a Legendary Beast, probably similar to the ones you hunted in Fallen Order, like the Oggdo Bogdo.

Gorilla-Boar creature

This monstrosity was seen in the gameplay reveal from IGN. It looks like a cross between a gorilla and a boar, its size and agility making it a formidable foe. It can hurl large rocks, take full-on slashes with a lightsaber, and even surprise Cal with a dropkick or two.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses: a human man slices at a huge robot using his lightsaber

Other characters

The Pau’an Senator

First glimpsed in the teaser trailer, this senator from Utapau seems to be goading Cal due to a deal he made to get the Jedi’s lightsaber. It’s currently unknown if he’ll be an actual boss encounter, but it sure looks like he’s pulling the strings.

Unidentified character with the red lightsaber

Another character was glimpsed in the teaser trailer. As a facility slowly crumbled, the figure appeared in the distance before clashing with Cal.

Helmeted character with the yellow lightsaber

Speaking of lightsaber clashes, one can be seen locking weapons with Cal for just a brief moment as the trailer concluded.

.Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss fights: a warrior lifts two enemies into the air using his powers.

Returning bosses and more speculations

Apart from the above, we can also speculate on Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses that might return for a rematch. One possibility is that we might see the Ninth Sister, Masana Tide. Although she is a boss fight in the previous game, Cal finishes the encounter by pushing her off a tree. You don’t see her corpse, and it’s not explicitly stated that she’s dead. Darth Vader could, theoretically, punish her for her failure, though she could also come back to finish her mission.

Speaking of Darth Vader, the iconic good-turned-evil-turned-good character from the Star Wars franchise could make another appearance, just like in Fallen Order. Then again, we believe this might cheapen the whole narrative if he and Cal bump into each other once more.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses: a dark corridor is only lit by the glow of the two warrior's lightsabers.

Last but not least, there’s still Boba Fett to consider. Knowing that you’re being hunted by Rayvis and his bounty hunter pal, there’s no telling if other mercenaries are also out to get you.

That is every Star Wars Jedi Survivor boss fight we know of so far. A lot of opponents have also been revealed, which we’ve detailed in our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enemies list. Make sure to check out the Star Wars Jedi Survivor system requirements before release, and if can’t wait to get in on the sci-fi fun, we have the best Star Wars games here to help kill some time.