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All Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 slice and hack abilities

Turn your trusty droid companion BD-1 into a hacker extraordinaire and extreme threat to all enemies in the game with these slice and hack abilities

Cal Kestis stands in a dark cave discovering new BD-1 hack and slice abilities

Searching for all Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 slice and hack abilities? BD-1 has several slice and hack droid abilities in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Cal Kestis’ friendly companion usually helps out when it comes to opening doors and activating shortcuts. Later in the game, though, he’ll be able to turn enemy bots against their comrades. Our guide discusses this mechanic, when you can use it, and how you can unlock more types.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor BD-1 slice and hack abilities are just one facet of skills that you can learn in the game. You’ll learn various traversal abilities, acquire many Force Powers, and unlock additional perks.

How to slice and hack droids in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

BD-1 will only be able to hack droids of a certain type once you’ve unlocked the corresponding ability. You’ll be able to use these on enemy droids during these two instances:

  • If you’re not in combat, you can fire an Electro Dart using BD-1. This will make the target more vulnerable to hacking.
  • You’re in combat and the droid has low HP.

In both situations, you’ll see a button prompt allowing you to use the action. Press it, and the droid will start attacking its former pals.

Vendor abilities: Probe Droid, B1 Droid, and B2 Droid

These Star Wars Jedi Survivor Slice abilities are sold by Caij the bounty hunter in exchange for bounty pucks. You’ll find her in Pyloon’s Saloon, though she won’t function as a vendor until you head to the Stone Spires as part of the campaign. Once you’re at that point in the story, you’ll unlock the bounty hunter board, where you’ll eliminate high-value targets to receive the currency.

A store layout shows available Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: Droideka

On your second visit to the Shattered Moon as part of the story, you’ll reach a chamber with a laser device. Use the orb to activate the laser, then trace a line of fire with the Koboh grinder to remove the gunk from the green barrier. You can then pass through it using Merrin’s Charm.

Merrin's charm gifts additional Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: Security Droid

This is, by far, the simplest slice ability that you’ll find, apart from those sold by Caij. Later in the campaign, you’ll head to Mountain Ascent. From the fast travel point, pass through the green barrier and interact with the terminal. You’ll then learn this skill.

A green barrier paves the way to new Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: Magnaguard

You’ll obtain this ability by heading deeper into Phon’qi Caverns, which is accessible via Foothill Falls (fairly close to the Mountain Ascent fast travel point). Ride the Relter near the pool, and drop down the cellar behind the shack. Then, use your Lift and Slam power on the large structure so you can enter the cavern proper.

While we won’t detail the entire dungeon here, the ability itself is just past the section with several Magnaguards surrounding a bedlam raider. After eliminating them, you’ll come across an elevator and a green barrier. Don’t mind those. Instead, use your wall jump to reach the top of a ledge that has this terminal.

A steep drop near new Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: DT Sentry

For this particular slice ability, you’ll need to acquire the Electro Dart. Once you have it, return to Coruscant and use the Hangar 2046-C fast travel point. Ride the elevator back up and fire the electro dart at the generator. This will cause a legendary enemy, D-L1T, to appear. Take out this beefed up DT Sentry to acquire this skill.

Will an important fight reward new Star Wars Jedi Survivor hack and slice abilities

Slice: BX Droids

After obtaining the Electro Dart, return to the Lucrehulk’s generator underbelly. Head all the way to the back room, which contains a battery. Shoot it with the Electro Dart and then wall-run across the gap. In the next section, you’ll need to raise the segments that you did your wall-running just a while ago. This will let you reach a room that’s higher up, which happens to have this terminal.

An electro dart is the key to new BD-1 slice and hack droids abilities

These are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Slice and Hack Droid abilities that we’ve found so far. We’ll update this guide in case we discover more. In any case, you can learn about other game mechanics in our walkthrough and guides hub, or spend some time searching for all of the Cal Kestis cosmetics that can be discovered in Jedi Survivor.