Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers guide

Our list of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers will fill you in on where to find them, what they do, and how to upgrade them.

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Want to know everything about the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers? Jedi Survivor allows you to use your Force powers to turn the tide of battle. These skills range from simple telekinesis tricks to outright mind controlling your foes. They’re a major part of the experience, and you’ll have to use them during both combat and exploration, so we’ll guide you through these abilities and fill you in on how and where to acquire them during the campaign.

It’s also worth noting that Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers are just one method of unleashing your potential in combat. There are also other notable quirks, such as the best perks to get, traversal abilities, skills, and even Blaster parts.

All Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers

Here are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers and their unlock locations:

Force push and Force pull

Location: Coruscant – Automatically obtained as you go through the initial level.

Force push and Force pull represent the fundaments of Cal Kestis’ telekinetic capabilities. In combat, Force push will move enemies away from you, whether that’s just to give you space or push them off cliffs. Force pull, meanwhile, can bring them closer for quick melee strikes.

In traversal and puzzle-solving, these two powers are used to manipulate objects, such as ropes, conduction orbs, and blocks. By default, Force push and Force pull are activated by pressing the ‘2’ and ‘3’ keys respectively.

Slow Time

Location: Coruscant – Similar to the above, you’ll receive this while progressing through the initial level. Once Cal falls down an area with several Stormtroopers, you’ll get a prompt to cast this power by pressing ‘4’.

As the name implies, the slow time Force power will temporarily cause enemies to move slower, impairing their means of attacking and making them almost defenseless. When activated, you’ll be able to strike them down with impunity.


Location: Coruscant – Upon reaching the Undercity Meats area, you’ll receive a prompt telling you to use it on Stormtroopers.

Confuse can be used to target one humanoid opponent, and it’s cast by pressing the “Z” key. The target will have a green outline and, for a time, it will attack its comrades. At the start, you can only use this on low-tier hostiles, but you may allocate skill points for upgrades if you want.

Lift and Slam

Location: Koboh – Much later in the game, you’ll head to the Lucrehulk. Deep inside the derelict battleship, you’ll learn this power.

Lift and Slam can be cast by holding the Focus button (i.e., Left Ctrl key by default), then pressing the “F” key or the spacebar respectively. Lift will raise up a target or an object, and Slam will lower it.

In combat, this can be used to destroy turrets or bring an enemy crashing down. Likewise, if you stumble upon chained containers, you can Lift and Slam them to obtain the contents therein.

Spoiler alert for the following entry in the list:

Dark Side

Location: Nova Garon – This Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force Power is obtained much later in the game.

Basically, it replaces your Slow Time with a Dark Side version. It has a slightly increased duration and Cal’s damage is greatly strengthened. In just a few hits, you’ll bring down the deadliest foes.

How do Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers work?

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers draw from your Force meter as a resource. Think of it as something akin to mana or MP. As you keep casting certain abilities, you’ll deplete your meter, though it gradually replenishes over time.

You can upgrade your maximum Force by finding essence crystals in the game world. These blue objects will either reward maximum Force, maximum HP, bonus XP, a new perk, or an extra perk slot. As for replenishing it consistently, you can choose certain skills, which we’ll discuss later in this guide. For now, we’ll look at the various Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers that you can unlock in-game.

Force skills and Force meter replenishment

The following options in the skill tree affect your Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers and/or the Force meter:

Jedi Concentration tree

This entire skill tree has everything you need to increase max Force via the Attunement chain and Force Meter regeneration via Channeled Energy and Swift Focus. Likewise, the Greater Hold chain improves your Slow Time action, increasing its duration and making it more effective.

Telekinesis tree

This skill tree focuses on Force Push, Force Pull, and Lift and Slam. Wrenching Pull and two skills on the lower left improve Force Pull, whereas those on the lower right affect Force Push. We recommend Howling Push here so you can send your enemies flying. Meanwhile, those at the top of the tree boost your Lift and Slam power, though we rarely use these in battle.

Confusion tree

These options increase the effectiveness of your Confusion power. Addled Mind and Confounded Mind increase the duration. Additionally, Superior Confusion and Greater Confusion allow you to mind control tougher enemies, such as Purge Troopers.

Survival/Resilience skill tree

Although these options primarily affect Cal Kestis’ HP, one option uses Force: Focused Sight. If you hold down the dodge button, you’ll automatically evade attacks.

Lightsaber skill trees

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has five Lightsaber stances, and some skills use Force when cast. These include Single Blade: Aerial Assault, Double-Bladed: Controlled Throw, Dual Wield: Twin Vipers, Blaster: Quick Draw, and Crossguard: Rolling Thunder. Generally speaking, your Lightsaber stance selection comes down to preference. However, we do recommend using the dual wield lightsaber stance, mostly for its Auto Parry function, which can be done by holding the special attack button (i.e., ‘F’ key). This will consume Force while it’s active, so use this only when a deadly foe is about to unleash a flurry of attacks.