All Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies

The might of the Empire looms heavy over Cal and BD-1, and their legions are out for blood, here's all the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor enemies we know of so far.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies are numerous, and you’re going to have to defeat them all if you expect to survive against the might of the Empire. Star Wars Jedi Survivor has plenty of surprises in store, but in order to be best prepared for your playthrough, here’s a rundown of every enemy we know of so far.

We’re still getting to grips with the new action-adventure game, but you can expect that the sequel to one of 2019’s best PC games, Fallen Order, will have familiar opponents, as well as those pulled from the massive trove that is the Star Wars universe. Here are the Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies that we have encountered so far.

All Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies: a group of imperial tropps run towards the camera.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies

Cal and BD-1 went through a lot in Jedi: Fallen Order – from huge frog-like creatures to exceptionally deadly Sith, and the level of opponent doesn’t ease with the release of Jedi: Survivor. We already have a rundown of all the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor bosses we know about, and now here are all of the regular enemies you can expect to encounter on your travels.

Imperial Stormtroopers

Let’s face it, it won’t be Star Wars without your typical Empire Stormtroopers running around and, more than likely, missing all their shots. Jedi Survivor has a slew of these that Cal will battle throughout the campaign. Here are some examples:

  • Stormtroopers: Yes, Stormtroopers are almost a given in any Star Wars game, and they bring their 0%-chance-to-hit blasters with them.
  • Scout Troopers: These variants with the slightly square-shaped helmets are also in the sequel. The trailer shows a squad armed with stun batons, though we might see others armed with sniper rifles (which befits combat in large, open areas).
  • Flame Trooper: These soldiers are armed with a flamethrower, blasting searing heat in a frontal arc.
  • Heavy Gunner: One particular variant fires a deadly hail of bullets with their machine gun, which also happens to have a shield. Funnily enough, you can use the Force to pull that opponent and have him gun down his comrades.
  • Purge Troopers: Cal is still being hunted by the Empire, so it makes sense that Purge Troopers, elite soldiers assigned to eliminate Jedi, make a return.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies: a group of droid enemies are taken being destroyed by a man with a laser sword.


In terms of Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies, Droids are plentiful. The first game took place a few years after Revenge of the Sith, when Separatist Droids were still numerous. Although there’s a momentary time jump in the sequel, you’ll notice that many of these mechanical baddies are still around.

  • B1 Battle Droids: These are typically the fodder units of the Separatists. They come in packs, but don’t expect much of a challenge from them. You’re more likely to use your lightsaber tricks to pull off dazzling moves against groups of enemies.
  • B2 Battle Droids: The hulking variants are sturdier compared to B1s, and they can take more hits before you can drop them.
    Droidekas – These mechanical enemies curl up into a ball and roll before unleashing their weapons systems.
  • BX Droid Commandos: Compared to the above, BX Droids tend to be more agile and nimble. In fact, the official trailer shows them wielding staves pulsing with energy, able to deflect lightsaber hits unless Cal switches to his crossguard or two-handed stance.
  • KX Droids: These bots have a distinct round head, a body made of black metallic alloy, and a penchant for chokeslamming Cal as though they’re fans of the Undertaker from WWE. One of the most famous variants is K-2SO from Rogue One.
  • DT Imperial Sentry Droids: DT-series Droids have dark grey or almost black metal bodies. First seen in Star Wars Rebels, they’re larger than the average bot, and they seem to be elites in-game, with Cal using his lightsaber to cut one down to size in the trailer.
  • MagnaGuard: Another iconic foe first seen in Revenge of the Sith, MagnaGuard are considered General Grievous’ bodyguards. They can wield energy staves, and will keep coming at you even after they’ve been decapitated.

Bedlam Raiders

Apart from the above, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies roster includes Bedlam Raiders. These bounty hunters appear in certain locations throughout the game. Wielding energy-infused weapons like spears and polearms, you’ll have to parry their melee hits before you can strike.

Jedi survivor enemies: a huge furry creature roars.

Bosses and Legendary Beasts

And, of course, Cal will go up against some of the deadliest warriors in the galaxy. The official trailer showcased a new character, Dagan Gera, trapped in the Bacta Tank, who seems to be out for revenge given that he was ‘betrayed by those [he] trusted.’ Likewise, there’s a bounty hunter revealed to be a Gen’dai. They are a race of humanoid creatures said to be nigh impervious to damage, as their bodies are made up of tentacle-like structures that regenerate. This foe, Rayvis, presents a difficult boss fight throughout the campaign.

Moreover, we do see a couple of large animals, including a Wampa that ragdolls Cal like he’s an Ewok. This the Mire Terror, a legendary enemy in Jedi Survivor who is quite tricky to find, but head for the Viscid Swamp.

Now you know all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies, it’s time to prepare mentally for the Jedi Survivor release date, and get ready to face the Empire once more. If you’re looking to submerge yourself in other titles from the franchise, check out the best Star Wars games here – they should be enough to scratch that Jedi itch once you complete Survivor.