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All Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters

Meet the characters that you'll encounter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor as you continue the adventures of Cal Kestis amongst vast landscapes

Two Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters have a conversation

Wondering who are all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivors characters? The sequel to 2019’s Fallen Order continues following the story of Cal Kestis and the many characters he meets along his journey. Explore different planets and settings as well as new and returning faces.

It’s not just new allies Cal will find on his travels throughout Star Wars Jedi Survivor though, as he sets up to face off against new bosses and enemies as well as collecting BD-1 cosmetics for his trusty droid accomplice.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters are:

  • Cal Kestis
  • BD-1
  • Bode Akuna
  • Merrin
  • Cere Junda
  • Greez Dritus
  • Rayvis
  • Dagan Gera
  • Eno Cordova
  • Zee

We’ll run down each of the characters’ bios as well as their roles throughout the events of Jedi Survivor. Be warned, there may be minor story spoilers ahead.

Cal Kestis

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor protagonist and all-around hero, Cal Kestis, begins his journey in Jedi Survivor where we left off in Jedi Fallen Order. On his travels he will meet new characters and gain new abilities, including Force Powers and traversal abilities, and an exciting and fun grappling hook.

BD-1 is one of the main Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters


Star Wars has a reputation for casting and creating adorable robotic creatures to work alongside the protagonist and Survivor doesn’t deviate from this pattern at all.
BD-1 is a cute droid friend of Cal Kestis’ and provides assistance to him throughout the game. BD-1 especially comes in handy for healing and providing health stim canisters, making him an essential companion.

Bode Akuna is another of the essential cast of Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters

Bode Akuna

As explained in our cast and voice actors guide, Bode Akuna is voiced by Noshir Dalal and is a brand new character for Survivor. He is portrayed as an AI companion who assists Cal on part of his journey. He was first shown in a trailer for the game prior to release, much to fans’ excitement.

Merrin is another returning member of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters


Nightsister Merrin is a valuable ally of Cal Kestis’ and returns for Survivor after saving Cal’s life at the end of Fallen Order. Merrin is classified as one of the main side characters and fights alongside Cal at regular intervals.

Cere Junda returns as one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters

Cere Junda

Cere Junda has returned to the Jedi series of Star Wars games and has seemingly split away from the main group. Formerly a Jedi Knight, Cere was Cal’s tutor and taught him all he knows about being a Jedi.

Greez Dritus is another returning member of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters list

Greez Dritus

Greez Dritus returns to Jedi Survivor as the Stinger Mantis ship’s captain. He’s sporting a new look this time around with grown out hair, and after taking some time to trust Cal fully, he’s now all-in on the Jedi’s journey.

Rayvis is a brand new member of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters


Rayvis is a brand new addition to the cast of Jedi Survivor, and is a huge, armored enemy who is determined to eliminate Cal Kestis. Rayvis poses a tricky battle as one of the game’s bosses later in the game.

Dagan Gera poses a difficult fight as one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters

Dagan Gera

Another tricky boss fight presents itself in the form of Dagan Gera. After having been frozen in stasis for centuries, Dagan was a Jedi Knight during the High Republic era and is now back to cause as much trouble for Cal as possible throughout his Jedi journey.

Eno Cordova

Eno Cordova joins the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters ranks

Eno Cordova is only interacted with in holograms throughout Fallen Order, but in Survivor he has an important role. Without spoiling too much of the plot, it’s a far cry from his former job of training Cere Kunda.

The droid Zee joined the Star Wars Jedi Survivor characters list


Zee, also known as ZN-A4, is a droid that Cal encounters around Rambler’s Reach. Zee has been trapped in the area for some time, but eventually begins to accompany Cal’s team after Kestis rescues his new companion. Zee also has a shop in the area which sells many weapon customization items and Cal Kestis cosmetics and outfits, to help you fill your collections.

Now you’ve met all of the main characters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, why not spend some time getting to grips with the floating balloons and how to use them, which requires some important learning of traversal abilities before you’ll be successful. After all, what better way to move around one of the best space games on PC right now?