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Star Wars Jedi Survivor release times and how to preload

Star Wars Jedi Survivor release times are here, as well as details on how to preload the new Star Wars game on PC and Steam, as Cal Kestis and Respawn return.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor preload times - everything you need to know: A Jedi in cloaks with a little robot on their shoulder, Cal Kestis from Respawn's Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor release times are here, and we have all the information on how to preload the next adventure for Respawn, Cal Kestis, and BD-1, too. If you’re gearing up for the new Star Wars game and want to get it ready on PC and Steam, best to get Star Wars Jedi Survivor downloaded as soon as possible, so you’re ready for the exact launch. Here’s all you need to know about Star Wars Jedi Survivor release times and preload, ahead of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor release date.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out now on PC and Steam.

Technically, United States west coast players did get Star Wars Jedi Survivor at a slightly earlier time than everyone else, though release times are synchronised around the world.

Once you’re sorted with the Star Wars Jedi Survivor system requirements, it’s time to get the new pseudo-Souls-like preloaded. Strap in because it’s a hefty one, demanding a whopping 155 GB of your SSD space. If you want to be ready for launch day, here’s when you can preload Star Wars Jedi Survivor on PC and Steam.

You can get the game either through Steam or the EA Store, and both versions give you the option to download starting at exactly the same time.

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Even though the game is now out, you can follow the links below to get the game now:

Continuing from the events of Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi Survivor sees Cal travel to new locations including Coruscant to avoid the Galactic Empire as it attempts to hunt down and destroy the final remnants of the mythical Jedi Order. It’s looking good, with our own Jedi Survivor preview noting the quest and level design particularly.

If you’re picking up the new Cal Kestis outing, get prepared with knowledge on all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies. You can also start planning how to beat the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses, which we guarantee will not go easy on you.