Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a Steam page, and is “coming soon”

The Steam page for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the follow up to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, is now live, ready to add to your wishlist

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Steam page: Cal Kestis, in the foreground, holds a lit lightsaber as a shadowy figure emerges from the fog of a spaceship's hold in the distance.

There’s now an official Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Steam page, although there’s not a whole lot to do with it just yet. The follow-up to 2019’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order can now be added to your wishlist, and the publisher says that the Star Wars Soulslike is “coming soon” – which means ‘sometime in 2023.’

We’ve already seen just about everything currently on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Steam store page. There’s the trailer, of course, and several screenshots we’ve already had a look at. The description confirms that Cal’s story picks up five years after the events of Fallen Order, which we’ve learned coincides with the timeline of the Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi television series.

“Cal must stay one step ahead of the Empire’s constant pursuit as he continues to feel the weight of being one of the last remaining Jedi in the galaxy,” the description reads, which again adds no new information about Jedi: Survivor’s mysterious antagonist or the kinds of locations Cal will be visiting on this leg of his adventure.

The system requirements portion of the page is still filled with ‘TBD’ placeholder text – we’ll find out more about the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PC system requirements closer to launch.

All we know is that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be out some time next year, and we’re certainly looking forward to spending some more quality time with BD-1.