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New Stardew Valley mods add over 1,000 unique designs for your animals

Five new Stardew Valley mods add over 1,000 extra skins for your cats, dogs, horses, barn and coop animals, to spice up your 1.6 designs.

Stardew Valley 1.6 mod animals: pixelated top down look at a farm with animals

If you want even more animals for your revamped 1.6 farm in Stardew Valley, a suite of incredibly popular mods that give you more dogs, cats, horses, barn, and coop animals to hatch and have wandering around are perfect to breathe even more new life into your virtual flora and fauna.

Now that 1.6 is finally here, we’ve been getting a lot of new Stardew Valley mods and sizeable updates to previous community creations for the farming game. One set of mods has proved to be incredibly popular though, as the ‘junimods’ collection of brand new skins for barn animals, cats, horses, dogs, and coop animals has already been downloaded over 450,000 times by Stardew Valley players.

Across five different mods, you can get just over 1,000 skins (1,004 by my last count) for loads of the animals in the game. There are 155 different cat breeds, 381 dog breeds (yes, really), 79 horses, and some smaller collections for barn and coop animals. A lot of these appear to be reskins of what’s already in Stardew and slight alterations depending on your preference, but who can argue with more customization for all your animals?

The dogs are also made with the new hat feature in mind, and the 1.0.1 changelog even adds another 39 skins for your favorite little pooch. There are even void variants for every single animal based on the vanilla void chicken, too, and when it comes to coop and barn animals you can add as many or few skins as you like to a pool, so new animals have a chance of spawning with those skins.

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Two massive Stardew mods on crops and flowers have already been updated for 1.6, and while Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone warned against using mods when 1.6 launched, there is a massive list of compatible projects.

All five of Elle’s newest mods can be found on the junimods NexusMods page, with each compatible with Stardew Valley 1.6.

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