Starfield mods just got way better thanks to huge Bethesda fan project

Starfield mods just got way better and easier thanks to a big project from Bethesda fans that also overhauls Fallout, Skyrim, and New Vegas.

Starfield mods are now a lot easier and swifter to install and use, as a huge, long-running project from Bethesda fans gets a new update. Already tried and tested with Fallout 4, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Fallout New Vegas, and others, the essential mod organizer tool is now available for Starfield, vastly enhancing the space-based RPG and helping you to use mods without altering the vanilla game’s base files. If you want to keep the Settled Systems feeling alive, fresh, and customized exactly how you like, without any fussy management, the new Starfield mods tool is perfect.

Starfield mods are only just hitting stride, as the Bethesda RPG game follows in the tradition of Fallout, Skyrim, and everything Elder Scrolls. We get the launch, we enjoy everything the vanilla game has to offer, and then years and years of user-made material that completely transforms the entire in-game world. Starfield has a long life ahead of it thanks to mods, but managing, installing, and ordering them all might end up being a problem. Thankfully, a longstanding mod management tool, that’s already essential for basically every other Bethesda game, has finally made it to Starfield.

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‘Mod Organizer,’ created by the MO2 Team, provides an easy method for installing and uninstalling mods without having to edit any of Starfield’s file folders. In short, Mod Organizer contains all of your downloaded Starfield mods within a separate program. Instead of having to manually place mods into specific folders within Starfield’s base files, and then manually remove them if you don’t want to use them any more, with Mod Organizer, everything is listed and stored separately, and can easily be toggled on or off. You can still launch the Starfield vanilla game without having to remove any of your mods, or, if you want to play a modded version, you just launch Starfield from the Mod Organizer itself.

“Mods are not actually installed in the game folder but instead are kept each in their own separate folders,” MO2 Team explains. “The game INI configuration files are not touched and instead MO2 uses its own set. What this means for users is that enabling/disabling mods doesn’t actually require any file transfers – it can be done instantly. The order in which mods are ‘installed’ can also be modified at any moment with drag and drop, easily changing which mods are winning file conflicts.”

The latest update for Mod Organizer means it can now be used with Starfield, as well as other Bethesda games, and also Cyberpunk 2077, The Sims 4, Valheim, and Subnautica. If you want a simple solution for managing, ordering, and installing mods, you can get Mod Organizer right now from Nexus.

Starfield mods better: A huge space battle from the Bethesda RPG game Starfield

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