Starfield PC controller support explained

Everything you need to know about Starfield controller support on the PC version, including supported pads and any troubleshooting questions answered.

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Can you play Starfield with a controller on PC? Although the intergalactic gunplay might be best suited to mouse and keyboard, you might want to enjoy Starfield’s rocket-fuelled space travel with a good old fashioned controller. Most PC games these days have native controller support, which is great news for those of us who like to enjoy games from the couch, or want to make use of accessibility features.

Whether you want to play Starfield with a PlayStation pad or the official themed Starfield controller, we can help you set one up with the upcoming RPG game. We also have Starfield PC controller support details to help you rebind buttons for any regularly used Starfield classes skills for maximum comfort.

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Does Starfield support controllers on PC?

Microsoft has confirmed that Starfield will support controllers on PC, and official PlayStation pads and Xbox controllers are likely to work without any extra fiddling about.

Microsoft teamed up with Bethesda to release a surprisingly tasteful themed Starfield controller, and confirmed it’d work on both console and PC. So, we know at the very least that the official controller will work, and it’s likely that most others will too. Starfield arriving on the Steam launcher is also a good sign for controller fans, as it makes it more likely to include controller support through Steam Big Picture Mode.

This includes any accessibility controllers such as the Xbox adaptive controller and will probably support PlayStation’s Project Leonardo on release as it uses similar infrastructure. Although Starfield might not natively support the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, your PC should recognize it, and therefore it’ll run through Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Since we’ve not taken a look at Starfield’s settings, we can’t advise you on exactly how to remap Starfield controls. However, as soon as we can, we’ll update this guide with all the info you’ll need to change the button layout and switch controls around, whether you’re a bumper jumper or a southpaw aficionado.

That’s everything we know so far about Starfield controller support, but we’ll be sure will update this guide if there are any announcements from Bethesda, Microsoft, or Steam. We also have details on the Starfield system requirements and compatibility information for Starfield Steam Deck for those hoping to blast off with a handheld. And check out our guide to the best PC controller to find the perfect device for you.

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