Who are the Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries?

There are many factions you’ll stumble across in Starfield, and the Ecliptic Mercenaries might be the most mysterious of them all, but who are they?

One of the Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries standing against a blurred image of a moon.

Who are the Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries? There are several factions in Starfield, and we’d say that most of them are committed to either tearing you apart or helping put you back together. There are undoubtedly some, though, that have absolutely no idea who you are – you’re just that little weirdo who bounces around in their ship that looks like a giant penis.

One of these factions is the Ecliptic Mercenaries, and despite facing many of them in our Starfield review, we still have very little idea of their motivations. Whatever happens, you’ll need to make sure your Starfield companions are up to the task of potentially facing off against an entire army, so, you know, you should probably get on that. Here’s what we know about the Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries.

Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries: a mercenary creeps up on an unsuspecting guard.

Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries

As of right now, we know very little about this band of soldiers other than their faction name. They appear to be a minor faction, not joinable by you or your crew, and we aren’t really sure who they’re fighting for. You’re likely to find them plundering anything that’s abandoned, such as a space station on a moon or a factory/outpost on deserted or inhabited planets.

Mercenaries, by their definition, are soldiers hired to fight in someone else’s war. It seems that you won’t be able to hire them yourself, so any encounters you have they’re likely to be hostile. The Settled Systems video shows they’re well-armed and equipped with decent equipment. Always best to tread lightly around those sorts of folk.

That’s everything we know about the Starfield Ecliptic Mercenaries. Just make sure you gun them down, whether they’re in space or on foot. For now, why not check out the other Starfield factions? We also have a list of all Starfield planets, and Starfield cities if you’re looking for somewhere to call home.

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