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How many Starfield endings are there?

We do some digging for answers about how many Starfield endings there might be to the massive Bethesda game and what they may contain.

A man in a space suit looks out onto the surface of a new planet, as if he could be looking towards one of the Starfield endings.

How many Starfield endings are there? It goes without saying that space is, well, a pretty big place. We also know that there are over 1,000 planets in the Starfield universe and a tonne of options you can make. Is there more than one true ending to Starfield, though?

As mentioned in our Starfield review, Bethesda’s latest space game could be on track to become one of the best PC games of the year – and the biggest too, in terms of in-game size. Just one of the Starfield cities alone, Starfield New Atlantis, is bigger than anything Bethesda has built before. Just how many Starfield endings are there, and what do they mean? Well, here’s everything we’ve discovered from our time with the game and needless to say, there are spoilers ahead.

The Starfield ending takes you to the infinity which rebirths you

How many endings does Starfield have?

Whilst you can make several different choices throughout the story, there is only one true Starfield ending, which leads to the player being born again in a parallel universe.

Despite this, there is a recap at the end of each playthrough, which showcases how you made choices throughout the story, how you progressed each of the Starfield factions quests, and an emphasis on infinite rebirths and cycles.

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Starfield endings explained

After collecting all of the artifacts you can build the Armillary which will power up the Grav Drive and automatically teleport you to the entrance of a parallel universe – The Infinity. You’ll meet the alternative version of yourself who will lead you into the parallel universe to be reborn.

During the ending, you’ll see cinematics of your choices throughout the story and how you completed the questlines for the Starfield factions. From this point, you’ll be led into the Starfield new game plus options where you’ll lose everything apart from your level and skills. As the artifact locations are randomized for each playthrough, you’ll also need to go and find them again. Our Starfield weapons guide has the best gear to help you defend yourself against even the strongest of threats.

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