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Upgrade your Starfield ship to new heights with these enhanced modules

The Starfield Enhanced Ship Modules mod is a great way to get the edge in the Bethesda space game, taking your capabilities to new heights.

Is your Starfield ship the best in the Settled Systems? With all the customization options available to you in the Bethesda space game, finding the best loadout can be tough. But while the maker of The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Fallout has packed quite a few ship modules into its interstellar 2023 RPG, mod creator ‘Chokehold’ is here with a set of enhanced ship modules to help get that little bit more out of your starship.

Perfecting your Starfield ship is a never-ending task, as there’s always slightly different ways to tweak and customize your various components to meet your needs. Enter the conveniently named Starfield Enhanced Ship Modules mod, already a worthy contender to join the ranks of the best Starfield mods if you’re someone who enjoys maxing out your craft’s potential in the space game.

With new options available in most of the categories, you’re sure to find something that’ll suit your needs. Enhanced reactors that can give you enough power to run your ship while only requiring one space in its structure? Check. Enhanced engines, capable of meeting or exceeding their rivals, with compatibility for two, three, four, or six-engine arrangements? You got it. Enhanced cargo bays to offer you flexible, expansive storage solutions, including several shielded varieties to help protect your valuable goods? It’s all here.

Starfield enhanced ship modules - A version of 'Star Eagle' built by mod creator 'Chokehold.'

Chokehold notes that the enhanced modules, which come from a variety of the in-universe manufacturers as befits their specifications, will only appear in the ship builder when you’re at a location where that respective manufacturer’s modules are normally available. You’ll also need to have both the Plugins.txt Enabler and the Starfield Script Extender installed, but both of these are fairly standard fare if you’re looking to do any modding anyway.

This is one of those mods that feels like a nice pickup if you’re looking for some simple but impactful enhancements to boost your ship that little bit further. Personally, I’m a big fan of the single-slot reactors and grav drives, as they can sometimes feel a little overbearing on the design of my ship. If you’re ready to enhance your setup, you can head here to get the mod for yourself.

Once you’re geared up, make sure you’ve got the best Starfield skills to get the most out of your new-look ship, and pick up the best Starfield weapons to ensure you’re still at peak performance when you land on solid ground as well.

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