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Starfield ships pale in comparison to Futurama’s Planet Express

Starfield ships like the Frontier are nice and all, but nothing in the Bethesda RPG can compare to Futurama's Planet Express, which has been lovingly remade.

Starfield ships Futurama: A space explorer from Bethesda RPG game Starfield accompanied by the Planet Express from Futurama

Starfield ships come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve seen the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars and, personally, I want to try and build that huge spinning one from Interstellar. But as the Bethesda RPG game hits its full launch, and the world embraces the Fallout and Skyrim follow-up, of all the Starfield ships, there is one to rule over them all. Grab your two liter bottle of Shasta. Put on your all Rush mixtape. One intrepid Starfield player has built a shiny metal full recreation of Futurama’s Planet Express.

As we say in our Starfield review, designing and forging your own ships is one of the highlights in Bethesda’s latest adventure. It’s still early days, and we’re expecting that Starfield mods will grace us with some truly wild creations, but the Starfield Planet Express is the greatest player creation we’ve seen so far.

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Designed and built by Redditor ‘SP7R,’ this is a class-C heavyweight ship with a crew capacity of three – presumably Bender, Leela, and Fry. It’s not as fast as some other Starfield cruisers, but it’s ultra-faithful to the original version and has a massive shield capacity, making it highly durable, perfect if you’re going up against an army of Killbots, or that dreaded Neutral planet.

Starfield ships Futrama: The Planet Express from Futurama remade in Bethesda RPG game Starfield

And it’s already inspired some other homebrew Starfield creations. “Now we need a mod to add Bender as a crew member,” writes one commenter. “Mod for Bender voice over replacement on Vasco, maybe?” another suggests.

Starfield ships Futurama: The Planet Express from Futurama recreated in Bethesda RPG Starfield

Personally, I’d love to rob the Starfield casino while listening to Bender sing “I love stealin’, I love taking things.” And surely, if we can dream it in Starfield, it can become reality. In the meantime, raise a glass of champaggan to SP7R. Oh, and if you love Futurama, we’ve got an exclusive clip from Futurama Season 8, courtesy of our sister site The Digital Fix.

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