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You can rob the Starfield casino in the best possible way

If you've struck out on your last few rounds at the Starfield casino, why not just steal all of the credits and run with this new little trick - I won't tell.

A white woman purses her lips with a cartoon money sign in a thought bubble next to her head

In Starfield‘s vast intergalactic world that’s teeming with life, of course there’s going to be a casino. However, there’s a neat little trick that will let you nab some sweet, sweet credits and get some vengeance if you’ve lost out on the Starfield jackpot. Stealing is part of every RPG game in existence, so go on, it’s fine, steal the cash – I won’t tell anyone, I promise.

Turns out that a group of Japanese players have indeed worked out how to commit the perfect crime. All you’ll need is a basket and a bit of courage.

You can simply sweep credits off of tables, so as long as you’ve got an object to knock them off with, you can fire them straight into your basket. The player proceeds to do just that, acquiring stack after stack before retreating to a corner in the kitchen and adding them all to their now rather impressive bank balance.

I’m not great at math, but judging by the fact that each stack contains well over 100 credits, it looks like they’ve hit the jackpot without actually, y’know, hitting the actual jackpot.

So I won’t lie, I love stealing things in games. I don’t really have a reason for it; it’s just fun isn’t it? It’s made better by the fact that, as we noted in our Starfield review, the game’s psychics are good enough to make sneakily thieving things off of tables really easy. Next time I’m in the casino, I’ll be making use of this so that I can buy myself a snazzy Starfield ship to show off to my fellow intrepid explorers.

Those credits are great for picking up some of the best Starfield weapons, too, but they can’t buy the affections of your Starfield companions – after all, money talks but love wins, or something.

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