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Starfield jackpot backend combination at Almagest casino explained

If you want to win the Starfield Almagest jackpot, you need to know the combination for the backend computer that will unlock the rewards.

Starfield jackpot combination: Talking to Walter Stroud.

What is the Starfield jackpot combination? If you’ve made your way to the Almagest casino, after taking down all the Spacers inside, you may have stumbled upon the jackpot backend computer, hidden in the small room behind the huge circular door. But unless you’ve fully explored the casino, knowing the right code is impossible.

So we’re here to help. The jackpot rewards aren’t quite gamebreaking, but they are a nice little top-up to your Starfield credits total, not to mention the valuable Starfield contraband you can get from the container next to the computer. Here’s the exact Starfield jackpot backend combination for the Almagest casino, along with the rewards you’ll earn and where to find the code if you want to do it yourself.

Starfield jackpot combination: The backend computer where you enter the jackpot.

Starfield jackpot backend combination

The combination for the Starfield jackpot backend computer is 12-19-36-5. Entering this will automatically add the rewards to your credits. The exact amount of credits you’ll receive may vary – I received 3,700 credits upon clicking the payout winnings option, which isn’t quite enough to be worthy of a ‘jackpot’ moniker, but every little helps.

You’ll almost certainly earn more wealth from the contraband cache next to the terminal, from which I received three harvested organs and four mech components. Your rewards from the chest will likely be slightly different, but still quite valuable. Obviously, these are contraband though, so you must have a Shielded Cargo Hold to smuggle them aboard any planets.

Starfield jackpot combination: The room where you find the manager's computer.

Where to find the Starfield Almagest jackpot combination

The legitimate method of finding the combination for the Starfield Almagest jackpot is hidden elsewhere in the casino. When facing the entrance to the room with the backend computer, turn around 180-degrees, then fly upwards. You’ll see the corridor you walked down initially after docking, with two rooms on either side below it. You can’t enter the one on the left, but the one on the right contains the manager’s computer which has the combination on.

This room also has a skill magazine, a credstik, a science crate with some decent loot, and three locked safes – one novice, one advanced, and one master. We’d recommend coming back later if you don’t have the Starfield skills to unlock these yet.

That’s everything you need to fully complete the Almagest casino and earn the jackpot in Starfield. You can spend your hard-earned credits on some new Starfield ships, or potentially the best Starfield guns, or you can keep reading about where to sell survey data in Starfield if you’d rather.

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