How to make Starfield money fast

Quick ways to earn Starfield money, or credits, through any means necessary, from the best legal ways to get cash to more nefarious means to plunder the galaxy.

Starfield credits: your Mom is talking to you and quite shocked that you've come to visit. She is wearing a tracksuit jacket and has short greying hair.

How do you earn Starfield money fast? In a universe where corporations hold much of the wealth among the populace, many have turned to mercenary work or piracy to get by. That said, there are a lucky few who somehow can make a living, and you can be one of them with some smart thinking and very big pockets – soon to be full of Starfield credits.

So naturally, given that Starfield has an entire galaxy full of humans that rely on money to get by, you’ll want lots of it to spare. Heck, some of the Starfield traits require you to spend credits periodically or can get you a discount on items with specific traders. You may even find that some of your Starfield companions will help or hinder your efforts to earn a fortune. So, before the Starfield release date, let’s discuss all the ways that you can get rich quickly.

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How to earn Starfield money

Here are the best ways to get Starfield credits:

  • Loot dead enemies or other corpses
  • Loot containers
  • Complete radiant quests
  • Collect and sell loot
  • Sell contraband
  • Pickpocket money
  • Raid ships
  • Sell survey data

The best ways to earn Starfield credits are to loot fallen human enemies or complete missions. These are the lowest-risk ways to get rich quickly, so if you’re feeling particularly naughty, plundering everything of value from someone’s house and selling your ill-gotten gains to a vendor will get you lots of cash.

When it comes to high-risk methods of earning credits, you could turn to Starfield smuggling. This involves raiding ships, potentially murdering the crew, and stealing all of their cargo. These stolen goods would be labeled as contraband, but there are ways to get around this if you know the right people.

You can also use Starfield pickpocketing mechanics to loot NPCs for some quick ill-gotten gains or Starfield lockpicking to open safes and locked doors to gain access to the valuable treasure. Just don’t get caught doing anything bad, or your assets will likely be seized.

Starfield credits: an explorer in a trenchcoat is walking past the Hitching Post in Freetown.

What can you spend Starfield credits on?

You could spend your hard-earned credits on new equipment, buying food from vendors, or upgrading parts to your Starfield ship. There are other uses for Starfield credits, such as helping you recruit certain companions, buying and upgrading the best Starfield weapons, or bribing someone for information.

And that’s how to earn lots of Starfield credits quickly. You can also learn more about the many Starfield factions out there, as well as the Starfield religions that can potentially help with handouts and discounts.

Still looking for more? While a good Starfield wiki can be a handy source of information, our new Starfield Database goes further, offering you daily news, searchable databanks, and even interactive tools.