Starfield release date bugs already being addressed with mods

The Starfield release date may see a host of bugs in Bethesda’s space RPG, based on Fallout, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls, and modders are already getting prepared

Starfield release date bugs already being addressed with mods: a politician from the space RPG Starfield speaks directly to the player in their office

As we eagerly await the Starfield release date, veteran Bethesda players, remembering their experiences with Fallout, Skyrim, and other Elder Scrolls games, are preparing to fix potential bugs and glitches in the space RPG via a large-scale community project.

The Starfield Community Patch (or SCP – not to be confused with the web horror series of the same name) is a “collective effort by mod authors and the wider player community of Starfield to fix bugs, errors and other inconsistencies present in the game.” Long-term Fallout fans might remember the fantastic Doc Mitchell head-spinning bug in Fallout: New Vegas, whereas veteran Dragonborns may have encountered the rare, but equally delightful, giant chickens in Skyrim. As we have already reported, Starfield will run on a modified version of Bethesda’s Creation Engine, but fans of the upcoming RPG aren’t taking any chances, and are organising to get release date bugs and glitches fixed as soon as possible via a free patch.

“Fixes included in the patch are intended to correct bugs or errors in the base game,” the SCP project explains. “Examples include misplaced objects, script errors, inconsistencies in item properties, faulty missions/quests, game-breaking exploits, missing attributes such as tags, header flags, etc., and spelling errors. The overall goal is to improve the vanilla experience for all players.”

The project invites players to report bugs as they find them after Starfield’s release, or to submit fixes that they have created themselves, to be merged into the overall patch. SCP sounds like it will provide a vital service, smoothing out the little niggles and big bugs (and chickens) in Bethesda’s RPG, though it might not be as colourful as some of the other Starfield mods that we would like to see.

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