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Best Starfield legendary gear

Starfield legendary gear is high-level loot that can give you the edge in combat and the ability to survive even the most hellish conditions.

Starfield legendary gear - the best Starfield legendary can be used to set your enemies on fire.

What is the best Starfield legendary gear? Doesn’t matter whether you’re playing an RPG, taking a stroll down the tinned food aisle in Tesco, or buying a nifty new pair of jeans; everything has a quality level. You can really taste the difference with higher quality ingredients, and if you manage to get your hands on some Starfield legendaries, your enemies are sure to taste… your difference.

Starfield is absolutely massive – our Starfield review says so, and there are countless items and trinkets you can squirrel away in your pockets as you traverse the universe. But not all gear is made equal, so which are the ones really worth your time? Sure, all Starfield guns can be effective in some form or other, but when you acquire a legendary weapon, that’s when you become something to fear.

Starfield legendary: a first person view of a gun and a barren space station.

Best Starfield legendary weapons

While a lot of the Starfield legendary weapons appear to be generated when they spawn, there are some very powerful unique drops you can get for completing missions that not only look great but have additional effects.

Here are the best legendary weapons in Starfield:

  • Keelhauler
  • Shattering Modified Old Earth Assault Rifle
  • Titanium Barrow Knife

Starfield legendary: a red, futuristic looking pistol.


Given by the Crimson Fleet as a mission reward, the Keelhauler is a legendary pistol that is devastating in close-quarters combat. It can stagger enemies, does additional damage the less armor your opponent has, and has a chance to send them into a frenzy, forcing them to attack their compatriots. It is extremely accurate and can be fired fully automatic – the only drawback is the rather measly six-round capacity.

Starfield legendary: a haggard looking assault rifle.

Shattering Modified Old Earth Assault Rifle

One of the generated offerings on the list, but if you can find a legendary with similar stats, then you’re going to be a force to be reckoned with. This particular assault rifle hits like a truck, with the Shattering perk destroying shields with ruthless efficiency. The Bashing perk also allows you to deal significant damage should the enemy get within melee range.

Starfield legendary: a hunting knife.

Titanium Barrow Knife

Another generated weapon, but having a powerful melee weapon to hand is always a good idea, especially if you’re fighting in the narrow corridors of a compound or ship. This barrow knife deals extra damage to humans, can poison your target, and weighs next to nothing.

Best Starfield legendary armor

Here is the best legendary armor in Starfield:

  • Incendiary Ground Crew Space Helmet
  • Reactive Calibrated Experimental Nishina Helmet

Starfield legendary: a space helmet with a tinted visor.

Incendiary Ground Crew Space Helmet

This helmet is perfect for when you’re up against a more advanced Starfield faction, as it reduces incoming energy damage. Not only that but there is a chance that this helmet will set your enemies alight if they’re stood too close to you – just don’t ask us how.

Starfield legendary: a padded space suit.

Reactive Calibrated Experimental Nishina Helmet

Suppose you’re keen on charting unknown worlds, and facing the hordes of alien life that faces you. In that case, this Nishina helmet will not only reduce the damage you take from these extraterrestrial beings but also increase your own damage against scanned targets.

While the amount of legendary items in Starfield is staggering, and you may not be able to find these exact picks, they’re a good base for you to figure out what’s worth using, and what isn’t.

All Starfield legendary weapons

Here are all Starfield legendary weapons:

Legendary weapon Weapon type
AA-99 Rifle
Ace Sidearm Pistol
Ambassador Pistol
Arc Welder Heavy
Ashta Tamer Heavy
Auto-Rivet Heavy
Barrow Knife Melee
Beowulf Rifle
Big Bang Shotgun
Boom Boom Shotgun
Brawler’s Equinox Rifle
Breach Shotgun
Bridger Heavy
Coachman Shotgun
Combat Knife Melee
Cutter Heavy
Deadeye Pistol
Drum Beat Rifle
Ecliptic Pistol
Elegance Pistol
Ember Pistol
Eon Pistol
Equinox Rifle
Eternity’s Gate Rifle
Experiment A-7 Shotgun
Feather Rifle
Fortune’s Glory TBC
Fury Rifle
Grendel Rifle
Hard Target Rifle
Head Ranger Rifle
Heller’s Cutter Heavy
Hunterwulf Rifle
Justifier Rifle
Keelhauler Pistol
Kodama Rifle
Kraken TBC
Lawgiver Rifle
Maelstrom Rifle
Magpulse Rifle
Magshear Rifle
Magshot Pistol
Magsniper Rifle
Magstorm Heavy
Marksman’s AA-99 Rifle
Microgun Heavy
Mindtear Rifle
N67 Smartgun Heavy
Negotiator TBC
Novablast Disruptor Rifle
Novalight Pistol
Old Earth Assault Rifle Rifle
Old Earth Hunting Rifle Rifle
Old Earth Shotgun Shotgun
Orion Rifle
Osmium Dagger Melee
Pacifier Shotgun
Peacekeeper Rifle
Pirate Legend Rifle
Poisonstorm Heavy
Power Beat Rifle
Radburn Pistol
Rapidshot Shotgun
Rattler Pistol
Razorback Pistol
Reckless Bombardment Heavy
Regulator Pistol
Rescue Axe Melee
Revenant Rifle
Ripshank Melee
Shattered Shock Heavy
Shotty Shotgun
Sidestar Pistol
Sir Livingstone’s Pistol Pistol
Skip Shot Kraken Pistol
Solstice Pistol
Street Sweeper Pistol
Tanto Melee
Tempest Rifle
The Buzzcut Rifle
The Mutineer Pistol
The Prime Pistol
The Spacer Pistol
The Zapper Pistol
Tombstone Rifle
Trickshot Pistol
UC Naval Cutlass Melee
Unfair Advantage Pistol
Urban Eagle Rifle
Va’ruun Inflictor Pistol
Va’ruun Painblade Rifle
Va’ruun Starshard Melee
Vampire’s Gift Rifle
Wakizashi Melee
X-989 Microgun Heavy

If your backpack gets a little too full, and you need to offload some gear, don’t forget that you can use your Starfield companions, and Starfield crew, to haul your stuff for you. Also, don’t forget that you can increase the cargo area in your Starfield ship so you never run out of room in those spacesuit pockets of yours.

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