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Where to get Starfield at the lowest possible price

You can currently get Starfield at its lowest possible price if you pre-order the game from Fanatical. Pre-order the game there today to get this deal.

Starfield character looking at a piggy bank hoping to buy the game cheap.

Everyone’s excited about Starfield – and with good reason. Bethesda looks like it’s about to create another game that will go down as one of the best RPG games of all time. Of course, what fans aren’t so excited about is the price. Starfield is going to be expensive.

The retail price for Starfield pre-orders is $69.99 (£59.99) for the Standard Edition, and $99.99 (£85.99) for the Premium Edition. That’s a hefty some, because videogames are an expensive hobby these days – fortunately, if you pre-order via Fanatical, you’ll get a better price than you will anywhere else.

Fanatical, as it always seems to do with upcoming games now, is offering it at a 15% discount. What this means is that you’ll be paying £50.99 for the Standard Edition, and £73.09 for the Premium Edition. So if you’re going to pre-order it from anywhere, you may as well do it from there.

Unfortunately, this deal is currently only available in the UK. If you’re a UK citizen enjoying a summer holiday abroad, use one of the best gaming VPNs so that you can connect via your home region and get the deal. Of course, we aren’t endorsing US citizens to do the same (not that it wouldn’t work) that would be against the rules.

We don’t actually know how long this discount is going to stay in place. Most likely, it’ll last until the Starfield release date, but for all we know it could be good. If you want to avoid potentially missing out on this little bargain, we recommend pre-ordering right away. Otherwise, you’ll spend every night between now and the day you actually do pre-order it going out of your mind filled with absolute fear and dread that you’ll have to pay full price.

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