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Starfield’s ‘energy drink planet’ is not an April Fool’s

Xbox and Bethesda have teamed up with energy drink Lucozade for a Starfield promo that offers up consoles and Xbox Game Pass to players.

Starfield's 'energy drink planet' is not an April Fool's: a man with no hair and a green collared space shirt

Videogame cross-promotion can be really weird, and with the Starfield release date fast approaching it’s no surprise that Xbox is starting to plaster the newest Bethesda RPG game everywhere it can, but I promise you that this Starfield crossover is going to be both the funniest and most absurd this year, as there appear to be implications of some sort of energy drink planet.

Fellow Brits will enjoy this one, as the energy drink Lucozade is coming to Bethesda’s 1,000-planet universe in one of the weirdest bits of marketing I’ve seen in a while. Announced for a reveal on April 1 (and not a joke, apparently) but still seemingly rolling out, this is a UK and Ireland-only promotion, sorry US folks.

Running until June 30, which will actually be after the Starfield showcase earlier that same month, you’ll need to purchase a promotional pack of Starfield Lucozade and scan a QR code to enter a prize draw. The draw looks to include some consoles and Xbox Game Pass as rewards.

You should be able to spot the Starfield x Lucozade combo quite easily, with spaceships, robots, and Xbox all over bottles that are part of the promotion.

Starfield's 'energy drink planet' is not an April Fool's: a Starfield promo image with bottles of Lucozade energy in front

Despite the marketing material showing what I can only describe as a ‘Lucozade planet’ that’s been plagued by some sort of energy drink nuclear war, I don’t think Starfield will have a world where pink lemonade rivers run between cliffs or rain will taste like the god-tier Lucozade Orange. We can dream though, we can dream.

So these Starfield Lucozades should be in UK stores any day now, with Bethesda’s next game joining the annals of history that include Halo Infinite Monster Energy and Sonic the Hedgehog G-Fuel.

If you’re interested, Lucozade has the full details of their Starfield collaboration on their website, or you can go hunting for the drinks in real life. Just pretend you’re exploring one of Starfield’s many planets, I guess?

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