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Starfield’s most glaring absence is fixed, thanks to Star Wars

This new Starfield mod finally adds humanoid aliens, as more than ten Star Wars races can be found in the game and character creator.

Starfield mod aliens Star Wars: a greedo looking alien

If there’s one thing missing from Starfield, it’s the aliens. Many sci-fi universes lean into humanoid aliens, and while Bethesda’s NASA-punk universe forgoes them in favor of a more grounded setting, I thought they were sorely missed from the game. Thanks to a new Starfield mod though, our prayers have been answered, as you’ll now find a plethora of Star Wars alien NPCs roaming the Settled Systems, and you can even play as one.

The new Starfield mod from ‘radicalclownfriend’ adds plenty of Star Wars aliens to the RPG game in their aptly titled creation. Many alien races can now be spotted among the Starfield factions like Twi’Leks, Zabraks, Rodians, and even Mon Calamari. There look to be 13 races to choose from and find in the Settled Systems.

“This mod adds several fully animated aliens from Star Wars to the various factions of Starfield as well as adds alien character presets, new hairs, tattoos, and skin tones. This mod is best played with a new game or NG+,” radicalclownfriend writes.

Starfield mod aliens Star Wars: Darth Maul in the Starfield character creator

You’ll find radicalclownfriend’s Star Wars Aliens mod right here, with their profile also adding countless more Star Wars details to the game like droids, stormtroopers, changing the in-game language to the world of Star Wars, and much more. If you’re having issues with the mod be sure to check out radicalclownfriend’s advice, and see if other players can help in the comments.

While waiting for the Shattered Space DLC this is the perfect way to pass the time, as Bethesda’s loyal fans continue to show that games like Starfield are worth a revisit, with the right mods.

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