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Starfield is basically a city builder now thanks to this DLC-sized mod

This new Starfield mod turns the game into a city builder and colony sim, and it even adds in a variety of long sought after mechs too.

Starfield mod colony sim

I’m once again blown away by a Starfield mod. This time, we’re looking at a DLC-sized (and I mean it) expansion of the outpost and base building system. It’s got food production, new building options, a fracking mechanic, mechs, turrets, biodomes, extra food and drink options, and a whole lot more.

What if instead of an RPG game, Starfield was morphed into a city builder and management sim? That’s the elevator pitch of the new Starfield mod Galactic Colonies Expanse by ‘TankGirl444,’ which aims to revitalize the outpost system in Starfield and basically turn it into an entirely new game.

“This mod is meant to be a comprehensive rethink, change, [or] addition to the outpost system, its production systems, and many other aspects. The idea is to turn the outpost system into an immersive space colonization simulator, using elements from the game’s core lore and story,” TankGirl444 writes, adding that mechs, turrets, brand new buildings, and an entire farming system have been added to the game.

With official mod support and the Starfield Shattered Space DLC on the horizon, turning Bethesda’s latest into an entirely new game seems like a great way to kill some time.

Starfield mod colony sim

TankGirl444’s work aims to centralize the outpost system, with a new fracking mechanic that gives you the core resources you need at any location in Starfield.

You can also farm over 40 new plants and production items, craft food items, sell fruits and vegetables, and even keep livestock. A new colony food printer should help you keep this system on track, and there’s a biodome structure that lets you terraform the inside of the area, no matter where you are in the Settled Systems. You can craft lore-friendly mechs and turrets to defend your new base, ranging from non-lethal varieties to robotic superweapons. There are also loads of variants for the mechs, from swords to heavy weapons, making my Pacific Rim dreams come true.

And that’s not all. TankGirl44 says they want to add NPC spaceships that come and go from your base, scripts to change the actual biome of the planet depending on what you’ve set up, and survival and biological needs for NPCs, so they need food, water, and more while they work for you.

You’ll find TankGirl444’s Galactic Colonies Expanse mod over on NexusMods right now, alongside comprehensive installation instructions. TankGirl444 adds that the official Starfield mod support update from Bethesda this year should help make the project even better.

I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s on offer here, but turning Starfield into an entirely different game is certainly no small feat, that’s for sure.

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