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Todd Howard says Starfield mod support is on the way next year

Game director Todd Howard has said that official Starfield mod support is planned for next year, which is in line with the team's Fallout 4 support.

Starfield mod support: a women in a room with blonde hair

Starfield is getting official mod support, and Bethesda Game Studios game director Todd Howard has outlined when we can roughly expect it. With Starfield mods already everywhere, offering up joke changes and some sizable improvements, knowing we have to wait until next year for more in the RPG game does sting a bit.

In response to a Famitsu question about modding in Starfield, which is already well underway within the community, Howard says that official Bethesda support is coming next year.

“When the mods are ready, you will be able to do almost anything as we have done in the past, and the mods will be supported next year, but we will do it in a big way because we love it too.”

Howard’s quote in Famitsu has been machine-translated and edited for clarity, but the core point is clear as day. Official Starfield mod support is coming next year. With Fallout 4 getting mod support the year after release, it’s no surprise that Bethesda is doing the same here.

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We already knew mod support was coming for Starfield, as Howard said back in 2021 that Bethesda’s plan is for the game to “have full mod support like our previous games.” He continued, “Our modding community has been with us for 20 years. We love what they do and hope to see more make a career out of it.”

This sentiment absolutely rings true for Bethesda, as we learned recently that a Skyrim and Fallout modder was hired to work on official Starfield clutter and in-game lighting, with more modders potentially working on the space game too.

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