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This Starfield mod changes almost everything in the game

This Starfield mod adds over 30 mods and plugins into Bethesda's space RPG, completely transforming almost every feature across the game.

Starfield mod complete overhaul: Sarah Morgan from Starfield

A brand new Starfield mod brings together the work of many different modders, combining over 30 separate pieces of work into one package in the hope that it completely revamps the core gameplay of Bethesda’s newest spacefaring RPG. There are so many changes it’ll feel like you’re playing an entirely different game, so if you want a reason to return to the Settled Systems, this is it. I’ve found it impossible to condense everything down without overloading you; that’s how massive this is.

Called “Royal Galaxy – A Compatible Starfield Revamp – Series One,” it’s a combination of Starfield mods from user ‘JaeDL’ and a series of other modders that enhance and change almost every part of the RPG in new ways. JaeDL says, “Royal Galaxy is intended to make the game as fun as humanly possible with an open world that is worth exploring.

“The settled systems now offer a reasonable challenge. Terrormorphs are a major threat. Ashta live up to their lore. Starborn foes use more magic. Enemy spawns are increased for both land and space,” JaeDL adds. A handful of mods on weapon rebalancing, enhanced Starborn powers, Terrormorph overhauls, weather changes, and more are integrated into the mod. But new, unreleased mods are also in there too, giving you entirely new revamps to play around with.

You get improved loot across a plethora of different sources like boss chests, unique enemies, and even locked chests too. The economy of the Settled Systems has been overhauled: vendors have more credits, you earn more from missions, but what you sell nets you less. Space encounters have also been reworked to offer up more enemies, aggressive battles, and even better movement and handling in space.

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Even the reason to explore planets has improved too, as you get double XP for exploration and survey-based gameplay, and Terrormorphs are everywhere. Even the healing items have seen some immersive changes based on what you’re using, that’s how deep this goes.

That isn’t all either, as crafting, perks, explosives, and dialogue get a slate of changes. If I were to list everything here you’d be reading forever, so I recommend checking out JaeDL’s mod description for the finite details. Then again, Starfield has been changed so much on a fundamental level that you’ll probably be better just starting a new game and exploring what the changes have to offer your gameplay approach.

JaeDL adds that while they’re looking at putting more mods into a Series Two package, they won’t be making major changes to this mod pack so you don’t suddenly get a “whole new mod” you didn’t ask for.

You can find and download JaeDL’s Royal Galaxy mod pack right here, alongside installation instructions and some ideal mods to download alongside it. As I mentioned earlier, it’s not just JaeDL’s work on overhauling key parts of Starfield in this package either, so there’s a lot to sink your teeth into.

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