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Starfield’s cluttered inventory management just got an immersive fix

This new Starfield mod adds an immersive way to recycle all your inventory junk into resources you actually need, instead of just credits.

Starfield mod inventory: a young woman with shoulder length dark hair and a blue dress stares into the camera

We’ve all got too much Starfield junk. Bethesda games are rife with tat that fleshes out the world and make it feel more alive, but sooner or later your inventory screen is clogged with what amounts to paperweights with a few extra polygons. Not anymore though, as a new Starfield mod for the RPG game makes inventory management loads easier, and uses a nifty little immersive way of doing so.

All it takes is one Starfield mod. Called Galactic Junk Recycler and made by ‘Venpi’, the outpost add-on lets you get rid of old weapons, armor, books, and miscellaneous items for something other than credits. You can now get an array of resources for these items in the RPG game, which you can feed back into outpost building and crafting of better weapons and armor.

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Weapons become inorganic resources, armor becomes organic resources, books turn into fiber and polytextiles, and misc items turn into manufactured findable items. Further down the line Venpi says there will be mappings of junk to specific resources, and another recycler terminal for the Lodge and Workspace.

I’m a big fan of this mod not just because of how it turns all the junk, older weapons, and outfits into resources to make new ones, but because of how it’s actually built into Bethesda’s world. The UI is a bit of a cluttered mess in Starfield at the best of times, so having an in-universe way of making it easier to navigate, while getting resources in return, is a great detail.

You can find the mod right here, and learn more about how best to install it.

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