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Starfield is “the most wishlisted game we’ve ever had,” says Bethesda

Bethesda revealed that its new space RPG Starfield is the most wishlisted game ever on Steam, between both the behemoth developer and Xbox.

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Starfield recently released, and Bethesda’s massive RPG game is making waves as a brand-new immersive space experience. While players delve deep into its intricate galaxies and explore the various questlines available, Bethesda shares news on Starfield’s success thus far. In a news channel interview for CNBC, Microsoft CEO Phil Spencer and executive producer Todd Howard revealed the game’s standing on Steam and discussed how well it’s doing compared to Bethesda’s previous RPGs.

As further detailed in our Starfield review, the game’s expansive space setting and unique premise are incredibly alluring. When asked about how Starfield can drive more Xbox purchases and Game Pass subscriptions, Spencer responds by saying that Bethesda is seeing “huge demand for the game.” He also says that Starfield has “more players for any next-gen exclusive than we’ve had this generation.”

Spencer goes on to declare, “It’s the most wishlisted game we’ve ever had between Bethesda and Xbox on Steam.” This is a pretty immense feat considering how many bangers the studio has released, from Fallout to Skyrim. Right now, Starfield is the number one best-selling game on Steam, overtaking Baldur’s Gate 3. Xbox has yet to reveal its own numbers yet.

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CNBC then turns its attention to Howard, who discusses Starfield’s reception so far. Howard talks about how Bethesda’s games see success “not only at launch,” but rather that they remain popular with players “for years and years.” Personally, I’m excited to see how the game continues to evolve, especially when taking Starfield mods and its growing player community into account.

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