Starfield procedural generation explained

If you're wondering if Starfield has procedural generation, here's everything we know about what that could look like in the upcoming RPG game.

Starfield procedural generation

Does Starfield use procedural generation? It’s a good question considering the sheer scale of the galactic game with over 1000 planets and 100 star systems, it makes sense that procedural generation elements will be used in parts of the RPG game.

Each Starfield planet has outposts you can build for characters to harvest resources from, and there will be points of interest on each planet too. Though some planets host Starfield factions and are quite barren, used for resources or exploring, there are also Starfield cities, which aren’t procedurally generated and are hand-crafted with characters and missions. So what features in Starfield are procedurally generated?

Does Starfield use procedural generation?

Yes, Starfield does use procedural generation for the 1000-plus planets you can explore, but each planet has hand-crafted elements.

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We’ve had a peek at some of the planets in the Starfield Direct, but what we don’t know yet is how unique each of the 1000 planets will feel when it comes to exploring the universe.

In an interview with IGN, Todd Howard said, “We do a lot of procedural generation [in Starfield], but I would keep in mind that we’ve always done that. It’s a big part of Skyrim in terms of questing and some other things we do. We generate landscape using procedural systems, so we’ve always kind of worked on it.”

We’ll keep this updated once we know more about procedural generation in Starfield, but in the meantime here’s everything we know about Starfield bases and Starfield space combat for when the space game arrives in September.

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