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Starfield space combat explained

Learn how to use ship combat in Starfield ahead of its release date including how the power allocation system works and which skills to purchase.

Starfield Space Combat

Does Starfield have space combat? It seems from what we’ve seen of Starfield so far, you can do pretty much anything in this gargantuan space game. That includes creating an authentic space flight experience, giving you controls of your very own ship as you hop from planet to planet.

Though there doesn’t look like there are many limitations in the space game, ship combat seems to be something the developers really wanted to focus on. So yes, Starfield has space combat; your piloting skills will come in handy, but you’ll also need to use the power allocation system to carefully evade or engage in fights, here’s everything you need to know ahead of the Starfield release date.

How does the power allocation system work?

You can allocate power to different parts of your ship such as boosting power to your engines to make the ship go faster, or powering up the grav drives to shorten the time it takes to make a jump. If you fancy the fight, you can move power to your Starfield weapons and shields.

There are Starfield skills you can pick up that can also aid in space combat. It’s recommended if you’re a fierce flyer and plan to conquer the solar system that you unlock Targeting, which helps you zero in on enemy ships and target subsystems. This can be useful if the enemy allocates power to their engine or grav drives for a quick getaway, or if you want to bring down their shields to attack. Once successful, you can loot ships for goodies and turn the remains into scrap.

One of the more impressive functions of space combat in Starfield is that you can dock enemy ships and choose a more aggressive and personal face to face combat, to take out the crew and claim the ship for your own.

Now you’re all set for Starfield space combat, find out more about how Starfield missions work and what you can expect from Starfield companions to help you along the way.