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Starfield’s Schrodinger III XP farm is perfect, before it gets nerfed

This Starfield planet is the perfect XP farm right now, as Schrodinger III offers up loads of XP for taking out the fauna from atop your own ship.

Starfield Schrodinger III: a man with a slight glow in front of a planet background

There’s one Starfield planet you don’t want to miss out on for its XP farm capabilities, and now that it’s making the rounds online thanks to a Reddit post there’s no telling how long it’ll be until Bethesda potentially nerfs the XP opportunities for you. So if you want to get in on the action and get some quick levels so you can unlock as many perks as possible, listen up.

This Starfield planet and XP farm comes from Reddit user Canatee, as the Bethesda RPG game already comes with over 1,000 celestial bodies in the game, so the secrets of many are still being discovered. At its core, it’s a simple case of landing on a foreign planet and decimating the local wildlife, and while this brings up some dubious moral implications, the virtual Starfeld fauna is good for some XP at least.

To start, you need to find Schrodinger III in the Settled Systems. The planet is in the Schrodinger system near Kryx, Alpha Marae, Lunara, and Cheyenne. Once you’ve grav jumped to the planet it’s a simple case of landing and using a jump boost to get on top of your ship.

PSA: Schrodinger III is made of XP
byu/Canatee inStarfield

From here it’s just a case of shooting the fauna like fish in a barrel, with Canatee’s video showing that each nets you a whopping 406 XP per kill. make sure to bring a powerful sniper so you can aim down a scope and one-shot them, but it is that easy.

This little trick might remain in the game, but as it makes the rounds I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda buries a change in some patch notes that sees each creature reward you with significantly less XP, which is why I recommend getting on this trick as soon as possible.

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