Starfield seamless space travel is finally here

Starfield seamless travel between planets is finally, easily possible thanks to a groundbreaking Starfield mod that speeds up flight in Bethesda’s RPG.

Starfield seamless space travel: A woman in a spacesuit, Sarah Morgan from Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Seamless travel between planets is one of the most desired – and sorely missing – features in Starfield. Though it’s technically possible, if you want to fly organically between planets in the same system without going into the menus, it takes hours upon hours of real time. Starfield is at its best when you lose yourself in its visuals, its atmosphere, and its serene, cosmic pace. As it stands, jumping in and out of the Starmap every time you want to travel breaks up the journey – that wonderful sense of traveling that you get in Skyrim, Fallout, and the rest of the Elder Scrolls series, is rarer in Starfield without seamless flying. But now, Starfield seamless travel is possible thanks to a new, pioneering mod.

Starfield is a vast, richly detailed RPG game with a seemingly infinite amount of things to see and do. Our complete guide to all the Starfield planets can help you find the absolute best of the Settled Systems, but if you want to lose yourself in the ambience and the mood, as it stands, the vanilla version of Starfield can be a little bothersome, as any travel between planets is only really practical by using the menus. Now, however, what is likely to become one of the essential Starfield mods makes seamless planetary travel a reality.

Created by modder ‘105gun,’ ‘Starfield Slower Than Light’ is a simple but intuitive workaround for seamless interplanetary flight. In the base game, seamless travel between planets in the same star system is technically possible, but takes hours upon hours as your ships are not fast enough to cover the extreme distances.

Slower Than Light allows you to push your ships “to the equivalent of hundreds of times the speed of light” using new hotkeys – basically, you can now move much, much faster through the cosmos, and reach distant planets in barely any time without having to fast travel. Check it out in the video below:

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Imagine Skyrim or Fallout, but your character’s run speed is increased a thousand fold, so you can go from Whiterun to Solitude in just a couple of minutes. Essentially, that’s what we have here, except it’s your ship that’s going faster.

At the moment, Slower Than Light allows only for travel between planets in the same system, and occasionally creates some visual bugs when your ship reaches the fastest speed. You also need to reduce your speed as you get closer to the planet, so that it has time to properly load.

Nevertheless, this is a groundbreaking mod that introduces a feature we’ve been sadly missing from Starfield. You can get Starfield Slower Than Light right here.

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