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Starfield new game plus is hiding one of Bethesda’s best secrets ever

Starfield new game plus is full of surprises, including a parallel dimension where the main cast of the Bethesda RPG have all been replaced.

Starfield new game plus secret: A blond woman, Sarah Morgan from Bethesda RPG game Starfield

Starfield new game plus is the gift that keeps on giving. In most RPGS – or most other games, period – when you start over, all it means is keeping your weapons, abilities, and character stats, and perhaps having the opportunity to crush and punish the bosses that drove you to despair on your first playthrough. Bethesda, though, is doing something very different. The Fallout, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls creator has hidden a variety of secrets in repeat Starfield runs, including one that removes and replaces the entirety of Constellation. If you thought you’d seen everything the Settled Systems has to offer, think again. As you might have imagined, major Starfield spoilers lie ahead.

Starfield new game plus puts an inventive spin on the entire repeat playthrough concept by making every new run part of the same canon. See, when you complete the Bethesda RPG game and become a Starborn, you gain the ability to cross between different dimensions. At the end of Starfield, you can enter the multiverse, and arrive in an alternate version of the Settled Systems where the events of your first playthrough haven’t happened yet. For you, it’s the second, third, fourth time that you’ve found the artifacts and explored the cosmos. For everyone else, this has never happened before.

Or so it initially seems. If you play Starfield enough times, you can enter some strange, upside-down dimensions where the Settled Systems are very different indeed. Previously, after playing Starfield 34 times, one player created a kind of reality loop, where they met with their own custom character from their first playthrough, and were even able to recruit them to their ship. But there’s also an alternate Starfield world where the whole cast of Constellation has been replaced by children. Take a look, courtesy of YouTube channel ‘GamePlayer911’:

YouTube Thumbnail

In this universe, it seems the events of Starfield have already been, gone, and entered legend to the point that kids now roleplay as Constellation, the same way they might play hide and seek. When they task you to go and find the artifacts, it’s because it’s part of their game. So, you’re playing a role-playing game, within a game, that’s based on the role you played in another version of the role-playing game. Surely, this is one of Bethesda’s smartest little secrets ever.

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