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Starfield showcase gives Bethesda’s next game a standalone “deep dive”

A Starfield showcase has been announced by Xbox and Bethesda for the RPG game, as it won't be appearing at the upcoming Xbox showcase soon

Starfield showcase gives Bethesda’s next game a standalone “deep dive”

While we all await the Starfield release date we’re ging to get another sizable look at the game, as Microsoft and Xbox have revealed that the Bethesda RPG game will in fact be getting its own presentation at some point soon. This is sure to surprise and delight many of us waiting for any scrap of information about the game, as Bethesda has been mostly quiet since the new IP was announced.

This clarification about a Starfield show hasn’t come out of nowhere, as the news was part of an announcement about an upcoming Xbox game showcase that will reveal an inside look at some of the games coming out “over the next few months.”

Sadly, I think this means that when the Starfield release date was reconfirmed for the “first half of 2023” at the start of the year, it signaled a bit longer of a wait than we may have hoped. The Starfield release date is set for after Redfall too, remember. I hope I’m wrong, but Starfield not appearing at this Xbox Developer Direct showcase puts it a bit further back.

In the announcement Xbox says: “To dedicate the proper amount of time for a deep dive into Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield, a standalone show is in the works.”

Xbox is managing expectations here, so I would expect absolutely nothing about Starfield at the show, which is set for January 25. We might get a date for this individual Starfield showcase during the show itself, at a push, but even that is likely wishful thinking.

We will probably get the Starfield release date revealed during this showcase (unless it gets delayed again), as a way to end off the showcase, but we currently don’t know what to expect.

Starfield will also be $70 USD, as last year Microsoft confirmed that all of its first party games designed for the Xbox Series X|S will go up in price, in line with similar increases from the likes of Sony and Ubisoft.

“Yes, our new, full-priced games will be $69.99 across console and PC storefronts,” a spokesperson told PCGamesN. “This price reflects the content, scale, and complexity of these titles, regardless of platform.”

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