Starfield Spacers faction guide

Who are the Starfield Spacers, one of the many factions you’ll encounter during your travels in the space opera, and what part do they play?

You'll encounter the Starfield Spacers anywhere in the settled systems

Who are the Starfield Spacers? There’s one simple way of answering this question if you’re familiar with the Fallout games, and that’s by saying they’re somewhat akin to bandits in the wasteland. Of course, there’s more to it than that when you dive deep, which we shall explain.

Much like Starfield House Varuun, Spacers are another one of the Starfield factions, albeit a ‘minor’ one. What this means is that while the size of the faction may be big, the Spacers aren’t a group you can join as part of the main quest, and there won’t be lengthy quests coming from them. As far as we can tell, ‘Spacer’ may well be short for ‘Spacefarer’, which refers to a lot of the people you’ll encounter in space.

The player character in third-person mode firing a gun at a level eight Spacer enemy in a cargo room.

Who are the Starfield Spacers?

The majority of Spacers are hostile, much like bandits in Fallout, however don’t expect all of them to be. While most bandit encounters only offered combat as a solution, with Spacers you may well be able to talk your way out of sticky situations, and some may even offer you minor side quests. Emil Pagliarulo, design director on Starfield, simply described Spacers as “violent”.

You’ll encounter many different types of Spacers on your journey, as they’ll likely exist in smaller groups, especially in some of the procedurally generated and random encounters, and potentially on board desolate ships and freighters drifting through space.

Where are Spacers based?

While we know for a fact you can find Spacers in the Porrima system thanks to the gameplay we’ve seen so far, it’s highly likely you’ll find them in every system. While some systems may have a higher population of Spacers compared to others, and there may even be a specific Starfield planet they call home, since Spacer is such a broad term it’s a safe bet to assume they will be pretty much everywhere.

Starfield Spacers: The player character fighting a level 22 Spacer Troublemaker in first-person on a walkway.

How to join the Spacers

If you really think about it, are you not already a Spacer by playing the game? It’s unlikely you’ll be able to ‘join’ the Spacers specifically, since they are considered a minor faction rather than a major one, but you may have the opportunity to befriend some if you say the right things. This is all speculation, but we’d be surprised if there weren’t at least some friendly Spacers.

That’s pretty much it when it comes to Spacers – they are a straightforward bunch, and you’ll no doubt be using your Starfield guns to kill plenty of them whenever they stand in your way. Make sure you also read up on the Starfield religions, as there may be some crossover between Spacers and the three main religions in the game.

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