Best Starfield stealth build

You’d think it was hard to hide in a spaceship, but with our best Starfield stealth build, you’ll be flying under the radar with no problems.

What is the best Starfield stealth build? Being stealthy isn’t just sneaking around behind people’s backs. It’s about staying off the radar when you’re out and about in your ship. More importantly, it’s also about stealing and pickpocketing to your heart’s content. If you’re playing a slightly unsavory character in Starfield, picking the right stealth skills is vital if you want to stay out of the slammer.

While you can stay off of people’s radars, the Starfield release date can’t – it’s so close now we can almost taste it, and we’ve already got the best stealth build lined up. Your Starfield companions might not be as sneaky as you, so you might want to give some serious thought to who to take with you on your missions.

Starfield stealth build: a person hiding in a vent prepared to jump on their unsuspecting vicimt.

Best Starfield steal build

The best Starfield stealth build is:

  • Best skills: Stealth, Concealment, Persuasion, Theft, Security.
  • Best weapons: Melee weapons, fists.
  • Best traits: Introvert.

Best Starfield stealth skills


From the Starfield skill challenges we know about so far, it looks as though the Stealth skill revolves around dealing damage when you’re undetected. Although you may want to avoid combat, sometimes there are going to be people blocking your path, forcing you into a fight.


This skill likely enables you to stay undetected. Keeping out of the eye line of your enemy is key if you want to master the stealth build, and having the Concealment skill will help with reaching that goal more often than not.


So, you’ve been caught somewhere you really weren’t supposed to be, what now? Well, unless you want to cause a ruckus, you can always try to talk your way out of a sticky situation. Persuasion will help you succeed in doing that by increasing your chance of success on speech challenges.


We all love stealing stuff, and while you’re skulking around in the shadows, you might as well help yourself to whatever is on offer. Likely increases the amount of items gained when stealing, and potentially even increases your chance of staying undetected while dipping your hands in someone else’s business.


Going hand in hand with the Theft skill, if you manage to reach the max rank of security, there won’t be a safe, locker, or door that can stand in your way. Increase your lockpicking prowess to have complete freedom of the inhabited universe.

Starfield stealth: a menu showing the security skill in Starfield.

Best Starfield stealth weapons

Although you aren’t speccing towards a melee build, you may find yourself relying on up close and personal ways to dispatch your enemies, as guns and the like tend to make a lot of noise.

Best Starfield stealth traits


The Introvert Starfield trait is one for the loners amongst us. You have increased endurance when alone on a mission, and since you’ll likely be heading out on your own for these unsavory, clandestine operations, you might as well take advantage of being an introvert.

Now that you know how to create the best Starfield stealth build, it’s time to hide, cheat, and steal your way to a better life. If you find that you aren’t quite up to the stealth task, you might run the risk of angering one of the Starfield factions. Also, you might want to check out our Starfield ships guide – you’ll need a large cargo hold to carry all of that loot you’ll be carrying.

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