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Starfield legally becomes ‘Starfield’ next month

Wait, what? Yes, Starfield technically, legally might not be called Starfield just yet. The Starfield trademark and logo will become official in June, though

The Starfield logo and trademark goes live in June

The Starfield trademark and logo become legal in the US next month, meaning that Bethesda’s new RPG game will legally become ‘Starfield’ in June – so hopefully no unscrupulous persons will name their space game ‘Starfield’ in the next couple of weeks.

According to new details available publicly at the United States Patent and Trading Office (as spotted on Reddit), Bethesda or Zenimax Media appears to have finally applied to trademark the circular Starfield logo and name – which have been in use since the official announcement trailer back in June 2018. Exactly four years later, they’re set to become a fully legal thing.

The trademark was filed earlier this year and is set to be published on June 14, 2022. To be fair, the actual name “Starfield” has been successfully trademarked and updated previously by Bethesda, but it looks like the publisher tried to trademark the familiar circle logo a few times, as well as other items such as T-shirts, posters, keychains et cetera, but was too early to have them approved.

June 14 is the last date any other parties will have to oppose or dispute the copyright. All being well, everything about Starfield – including the logo and all the merchandise – will be legally, officially owned by Bethesda on June 14. In other words, we likely won’t have a situation like Ubisoft faced where it had to change Gods & Monsters to Immortals: Fenyx Rising. Hopefully.

As for what this means to gamers, just basically that Starfield will still be the upcoming game everyone is looking forward to so ravenously that they even get excited over pictures of doors or post articles about trademarks.

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