Starfield fans desperate for news are staring at doors

The top post on the Starfield subreddit this week is a jokey ‘confirmation’ that Bethesda Games’ new space RPG features doors, as Starfield fans scrape for news

Starfield fans staring at doors: a dog looks sad as Todd Howard peers through a Starfield door

You’ve got to hand it to Starfield fans. Following the Starfield delay into 2023, fans of Bethesda Games’ new RPG game are desperately scouring for any news to sustain them through the long summer ahead. Recently they were digging through Starfield concept art for clues about guns, and now one post topping the Starfield Alliance subreddit is a humorous proclamation confirming the presence of doors in the upcoming space game.

Commenters on the Reddit post were quick to jump aboard the speculation train, with one person saying, “I can already picture an enemy guard standing with the top of his pistol and head poking through it, while he shouts taunts at me for hiding on the other side” – a wry nod to the somewhat clumsy AI behaviour and collision detection of past Bethesda games such as Skyrim and Fallout.

Other comments took a more serious approach, reflecting on the realistic look of the doors. Several people claimed that they initially thought the image was a real-life photo of a door until they realised which subreddit it had been posted to.

Another user, RattAndMouse, took a different angle, instead envisioning a pitch from the notoriously ambitious Fable and Black & White creator Peter Molyneux: “Imagine a game with just one door. The more you open it, the more it wears. Eventually the door will jam and you must repurchase the game.” Commenter StrangeYoungMan referred to a game design theory known as ‘the door problem’ which discusses how complex the seemingly simple decision to add doors to a game can be.

If Starfield fans are this happy to see a single leaked picture of a door, just imagine how overjoyed they’ll be when they get some actual Starfield news. Perhaps this image is indicative of a Fallout 4-style base building mechanic… or perhaps it’s simply a door. With any luck, we’ll see more of Starfield at Summer Game Fest next month. As they say, when one door closes, another opens.

Starfield will have doors (confirmed) from StarfieldAlliance

We’ll keep you updated with any news on the Starfield release date, but in the meantime check out all we know about Starfield factions and the Starfield cities you’ll be visiting whenever the game does eventually come out.

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