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Starfield will get city maps and “all new ways of traveling” in future

Bethesda reveals that Starfield is set to get some massive updates containing highly requested features such as new methods of travel.

Starfield traveling: A man wearing a futuristic orange and grey outfit stands with a surprised look on his face, a starry sky behind him

Starfield is massive, and whether you love the space exploration game or hate it, it’s here to stay. Bethesda is looking to the stars as it plans a variety of future updates for its biggest RPG yet, including some that may prompt any naysayers to hop back in-game. Some of Starfield’s most highly requested features are in the works, including brand-new ways to travel and helpful city maps.

While we don’t know all of the specifics about Starfield’s future, we do know that it certainly looks bright. The RPG game‘s developer recently dropped its 1.8.88 update, which saw the removal of the annoying yet beloved clingy space matter. Following the more minor patch, Bethesda has revealed that it is “hard at work on many of the new features” we’ve asked for to roll out in later updates.

In a Reddit thread discussing 1.8.88 and its fixes, the dev says that the team diligently reads player feedback. Bethesda continues, explaining why the latest patch was smaller in comparison to those players have been asking for. “We’ve been hard at work on many of the issues you’ve posted, and expect an update early next year that will include a large number of ‘in-progress’ quest fixes as well as FSR3 and XeSS.”

While the AMD-related news is good to hear considering the addition of Nvidia DLSS support, the exciting part of Bethesda’s announcement follows as the studio reveals that it is also working on long-awaited features “from city maps to mod support, to all new ways of traveling.” The dev says that the bigger content updates will come alongside regular fixes, “roughly every six weeks.”

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It’s great to hear from Bethesda regarding the community’s requests, and I’m personally looking forward to seeing just how they implement those new methods of traveling. Will we get cars or other ground vehicles? In my opinion, alien mounts would be way cooler but I also know that most players are likely expecting something a bit more viable. Could we even see more immersive space travel? Only time will tell.

While you wait to hop into a magical space bus or whatever it is these mysterious future updates will bring, have a look through a few of our favorite Starfield mods to spice your base game up currently for free. If you’re searching for a home away from home in-game, you can also browse around our roundup of great locations for Starfield outposts where you can set up camp.

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