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Starfield to tackle universal questions in an “original way”

Starfield composer Inon Zur has talked about how the Bethesda RPG game will tackle the questions of the universe in its own unique way through its story

With the Starfield release date still a ways off, any and all minor details about Bethesda’s next RPG game are welcome at this point. There’s a lot we don’t know about the open-world game, but a new interview from the Starfield composer may just indicate how Bethesda aims to tackle the questions we all have about space.

The quotes come from Inon Zur, who’s composing for Starfield and turned up on the Gamertag Radio podcast to talk about being approached by Todd Howard to work on the game, and how Bethesda is approaching development.

“It’s not about the scope [of the soundtrack], music is always about emotion,” says Zur. “So you just try to put yourself in the shoes of this person who gazes at stars and asks ‘what’s out there? Where did I come from?’ These big questions, they’re kind of gullible, but [they] come to mind.

“Where did we come from? Where are we going? Starfield actually is brave and courageous enough to try to answer some of these questions in a very original way. I think that it’s more about the feel [of the music].”

Starfield isn’t Zur’s first Bethesda project, as he’s also worked on Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. He’s also worked on some Star Trek games, alongside the original Crusader Kings.

Zur also spoke in another Starfield composer interview recently, where he hit on the philosophy of Starfield – which suggests, along with these more recent comments, that the new Bethesda RPG really wants to tackle the space theme in a unique way.

“Starfield is a huge game,” says Zur. “It’s a deep game, a philosophical game. If you want to play Starfield, it will consume a lot of your being. It will definitely give you another perspective – maybe a deeper perspective – to your whole being. The courage to ask questions and try to answer them is standing in the core of Starfield. Starfield takes a very courageous step into a realm which is more philosophical. It’s not about how it looks. It’s not about how the gameplay is, although they are also incredible. It’s about the story, and your ability to write your own story.”

You can find the full Starfield composer interview with Inon Zur over on Gamertag Radio.

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